Spanish, English, French
from 1 week to 6 months
Paid by artist 

Resident artists have to cover their travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses. Moreover, the use of the printmaking workshops and the use of tools and materials are covered by the resident artist.

The list of prizes for residence and for the use of the workshop can be found online. Count ca. 400 euros for 1 month of accommodation. Please not that the prizes given by La Ceiba Gráfica are in Mexican Pesos.

Application guidelines 

La Ceiba Gráfica invites artists from around the world to come and experience their learning, production and living facilities. Residents may propose their own working program for periods of up to one month, which may include participation in the regular workshops and courses of the graphic center. For the latest courses please visit their website.



La Ceiba Gráfica

La Ceiba Gráfica


La Ceiba Gráfica is a graphic arts center devoted to production, investigation and teaching.

Established in 2005, La Ceiba Gráfica has acquired fame for its innovative work in the graphic arts field. They make use of local resources, inventing and designing their own solutions and contraptions. They specialize in traditional lithography using Mexican marble, in moku hanga, Japanese traditional wood-block and etching. There also are other activities taking place such as hand made paper making, sculpture, large format painting and carpentry work.

Accommodation Information 

With 6 bedrooms (single or double bed), 3 bathrooms, a kitchen. Wireless internet (for laptops) or internet café accross the street.

Residents are welcome to pursue their own work in other areas, for example photography or creative writing. There are weekly life drawing classes and tai-chi classes twice a week on the terrace.

Technical Information 

The working facilities include an experimental lithography workshop for beginners and initiates alike to develop their techniques using the marble slabs and drawing materials made locally: lithography crayons, pencils and tusche. A large professional lithography printing workshop with a range of presses (including an offset press) for stones up to 125 x 93 cm is also available for artists and residents wishing to produce editions and to work on larger formats.
A separate, fully-equipped workshop is available for all traditional metal printmaking techniques. Adjoining this, there is a unique Moku-Hanga workshop for research and teaching in this traditional Japanese woodblock printing technique.
La Ceiba Gráfica also offers large studio spaces for painting and sculpture, including a low-temperature ceramics kiln.


La Ceiba Gráfica is housed in an 18th century restored hacienda. It was visited by Emperor Maximiliano and mentioned by Carlos Fuentes in his book Los años con Laura Díaz.

The headquarters is the ex-hacienda of La Orduña, former hacienda that was dedicated to the culture of cane, coffee and citrus fruits. The Centre is located in Coatepec, coffee grower zone in the center of Veracruz, known also as the region of the forest of fog. The sight of Perote and Orizaba's Peak they are a part of the daily landscape.

For further information on the location and surroundings, please have a look at their website.

Ex-Hacienda de La Orduña
Coatepec VER 91603
011 52 (228) 816-93-30

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