English, French, Spanish, Portuguese
1 to 2 weeks
Paid by host 

Please attach a Statement of Financial need to your Application package if you believe you are eligible for a Petrolio grant.

Paid by artist 

All meals and accommodation in private room with a double bed are included in the fee (€35/day). Workplace options are available. Payment is required to confirm your reservation. An affordable private cab service is available on demand (from the village to Calatayud and vice versa: €10 one way). Medical and other insurance, as well as transportation and materials, are the artist’s responsibility.

Application guidelines 

Please send the following to [email protected]:

  • your artistic CV (you may include other relevant achievements as well as training and work experiences that are not specifically artistic if they are meaningful to you)
  • digital portfolio (a mindful presentation of your work will be much appreciated)
  • letter of motivation (up to 300 words) telling about your current work and explaining what drives you and what do you look for in the residency
  • a fully refundable* EUR (€) 12 entry fee, payable by PayPal, applies to all candidates.

*Unless application is cancelled by candidate.


La Casa Del Herrero

La Casa Del Herrero



La Casa del Herrero (LCDH) a former ironman's workshop, is home to a local ethnographic collection, an LGBT library, an artistic residence, and an informal social club amidst vineyards and reddish plateaux. LCDH is also a founding member of the Petrolio network. Although it is one of the most underpopulated regions of Europe (5,8 habitants per km2 according to official statistics counting 203, although during winter there may be less than 3 habitants/km2), a generation of artists began to settle after the return of some local artists, now retired. The new demographic is turning Torralba into a welcoming place for art and culture. 

La Casa del Herrero was the first artistic residency in Spain to foster and specialize in professional performance art and it remains our core mission. The place is quiet, cozy, and affordable workplace for artists, creators, and peace lovers from all over the world. La Casa del Herrero is one of the few artistic residencies in Iberia to offer graduates and postgraduates professional academic tutoring and further exchange opportunities. If you are on a sabbatical leave -  Arts & Humanities scholars have priority access to short term stays.


Presentation, collaboration or a work donation.

Accommodation Information 

A single room and a double room to choose from.

Studio Information 

A multi-purpose 11 m2 room with a window and gas heating. A shared office.

Technical Information 

A library focusing on LGBT and gender studies (mainly in Spanish), a computer, Internet connection, a photo camera, professional earphones, USB micro.

Quiñones 5
50311 Torralba de Ribota Zaragoza

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