Application guidelines 

- a brief clarification of their reasons for choosing Studio Asylum
- a brief presentation of their project or activity they wish to perform
- examples of their work or their website and a short CV
- their contact number or e-mail.



Cultural and Arts Center


It has been developing its own painting, sculpture, video and theatre production within Autonomous Cultural Centre Metelkova mesto ever since. The association also organizes cultural events. It organizes youth program and informal education activities as well as the exhibitions in Gallery Alkatraz. It also collaborates with local artists in the Urban Art Projects.

KUD Mreža is also fundraising for many other projects and maintains the ACC Metelkova mesto audio, video and print documentation archive. Since 2000, KUD Mreža has been organising Red Dawns, an annual feminist and queer arts festival.

Association KUD Mreža welcomes new collaboration suggestions! We provide practical help to inexperienced event organisers and offer fundraising help to emerging artists.

Since 2000, KUD Mreža obtains the status of an association working for the public interest in the field of culture.


In cooperation with Art Središče and KUD Mreža the hosted artist should also prepare a presentation of his project, ex: an exhibition, a workshop, a concert, a performance...

Studio Information 

The studio has an area of 40m2 which includes working and living area separated by a glass wall. It has basic furniture: a bed, tables, chares, closets, a refrigerator and a electric heater. On the same floor is a kitchen, a toilet and a shower, which are used by five studios (Studio Asylum, three art studios and A-Infoshop). There is an internet access. Basic tolls are also available.

Masarykova 24
SI - 1000 Ljubljana
01 434 0345
01 432 3378
website english

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