Visual Arts
3 months
Paid by host 

Accommodation and studio space

Paid by artist 

Living costs, travel, materials, insurance and transport.

Application guidelines 

Applicants must use the electronic application form. The application should consist of a proposal/statement with purpose and aim for your stay, CV, letter of reference and documentation of work. Websites are preferred application media.

Please do not send original work, as we do not return the applications. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Application form

If necessary send enclosures to the adress below:
Agder Kunstnersenter
Pb 243
4663 Kristiansand

Kristiansand Kommune

Kristiansand Kommune


The City of Kristiansand offers a residency to professional artists, preferably, fine artist and craft artists. The aim is to strengthen, promote and develop collaboration and network between contemporary artists in Kristiansand and other national and foreign artists and to enrich the cultural stage of our town.

Accommodation Information 

The apartment is situated in the centre of Kristiansand in Posebyen, the city’s charming old quarter with white wooden houses. It is approx. 80 square m and is situated on the second floor. It has a kitchen, living room, bathroom, 2 bedrooms attached together and a small studio. It is possible for two artists to stay together if that is desirable. It is equipped with essential furniture, linen and towels, cooker, refrigerator and kitchenware. In addition to two single-beds, the apartment is provided with a sofa bed.

Studio Information 

The small studio has basic furniture, but is not equipped with tools or computer.There is wireless Internet connection. For larger projects that needs more space, there`s a possibility to borrow a project room situated in the building complex next door, where 7 visual artists have got their studios in the X-house.


Kristiansand is the administrative, business and cultural capital of South Norway. Centrally located on the South coast of Norway, the city is perfect for bicycling and there are beautiful recreation areas such as Baneheia and Odderøya in walking distance from the city. Kristiansand can also offer its own city beach.

Rådhusgata 16, Service box 417
4604 Kristiansand
0047 38075153

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Update my listing

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