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Paid by artist 

You are required to pay a monthly rent of 150 euro for your stay at the residence. That includes all the bills. Any travelling and living expenses must be covered by the artist him/herself. Those needing financial assistance are asked to turn to the authorities in their own country for help. Unfortunately Koli Cultural Society is unable to help.

Application guidelines 

Kolin Ryynänen is situated in the village of Koli next to a national park. The village has about 300 inhabitants.


You are required to pay a monthly rent of 100 € for your stay at the residence.

Kolin Ryyanänen - Residence for Artists

Kolin Ryyanänen - Residence for Artists


Kolin Ryynänen provides a residence for artists. The studio and the apartment are situated upstairs in a traditional old wooden building. The working space is well-suited for artists working in visual arts. It is about 58 square meters with windows on all 3 sides, a sink and running water.


It is possible to arrange art courses and workshops for professionals and for amateurs at Kolin Ryynänen. The facilities can also be used by art institutions and art schools. Koli village welcomes all forms of activities which involve visiting artists and the local community. Applications from artists who have plans involving local community will be given preference. All visiting artists are also welcome to give a talk about their work at the local art college in Joensuu.

c/o Arts Council of North Karelia, Kauppakatu 11
80100 Joensuu

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