The stay should never be less than 3 weeks and never more th
Paid by host 

Accomodation and studio


Paid by artist 

Artists own use of telephone and the Internet.

Application guidelines 

Projects concerning Gunnar Gunnarsson, his life and his works, have priority just as any project concerning East-Iceland, its nature and culture.

If you use Acrobat Reader you can get the application form here.

Required documents:
  • Project description, see application form
  • Artists CV, please do not send a CV exceeding 2 pages
  • A few examples of works (3 - 5), either as prints, on CD or weblinks
Application should be sent by mail to the Institute.




Klaustrid (the Monastery) is a residence for artists, writers and scholars, Icelandic or foreign. The residence is managed by The Institute of Gunnar Gunnarsson. It includes a small apartment and workroom in the unique farmhouse, Skriduklaustur, which was built in 1939 by the famous Icelandic writer Gunnar Gunnarsson.

Gallery Klaustur is small room for art exhibitions on the 1st floor of Gunnar's house. Foremost it is used for contemporary art exhibitions by artists from the region or artists that have stayed in the Artist in Residence Klaustrid at Skriduklaustur. But it is available for other artists as well.

During summer there are usually 5-6 exhibitions in Gallery Klaustur but in wintertime it is occasionally in use.


It is recommended that the resident take part in the life of the disctrict and share his work with the people or show what his is working on as an artist, writer or scholar. The resident can for example be asked to give a lecture or take part in a program, leave a piece of art or whatever he/she and the director may decide.

Accommodation Information 

The living / working facilities consist of a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a living room with a big desk for working. Wi-Fi internet connection and a piano in place.


Skriduklaustur is in the Fljotsdalur valley in East Iceland, about 40 km to the nearest town.

Skriduklaustur i Fljotsdal
IS 701 Egilsstadir
+354 471 2990

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Update my listing

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