Lithuanian, English, German, Russian
1 week to 1 month
Paid by host 

Individual residency:to implement an idea on the topic of Klaipėda, an artist is provided with a 200 EUR grant, residential premises, workspace and 300 EUR for materials. Duration of the residency –  up to 30 day.

Educational residency: The residency offers a 200 EUR grant, residential premises, workspace and materials for creative event. Duration of the residency – up to 30 days.


Paid by artist 

Residents cover all living expenses like housing, food as well as other personal expenses on their own.

Application guidelines 

The programme is open to Lithuanian and foreign artists and theoreticians from various fields; age of applicants is not limited. Interested applicants have to submit a completed application form, curriculum vitae (CV) and portfolio of his/her works (in pdf format) by e-mail [email protected].

Klaipeda Cultural Communication Centre

Klaipeda Cultural Communication Centre


In 2015, the objective of KKKC international art residency "Travel Agency–2015" is site marketing. During the residency, the artists would use their research strategy to shape a plan for artistic action that will serve as a base for presentation of twelve locations in Klaipėda city. In this manner, these locations become memorable, popular, representative, and attractive, while the city-dwellers and guests can use them to spend one hour in reflection and self-perception. KKKC proposes the artists in residence, by employing their creative strategies, to reflect Klaipeda city and carry out "route accounting", so that the residency activities similize with those of a cultural travel agency.

In 2015, the residency theme is "One Hour Local Time". The artists participating in the residency programme are to create a vision and plan for 12 cultural points, whose further development and subsequent research are to be carried out by further KKKC residents, the most active city-dwellers taking part in the projects, and representatives of the culture and business sectors.

"One Hour Local Time" is to become an indirect tool for community building, when community members can participate in building the artistic environment on their own and also maintain the viability and relevance of the new space, modify it according to their needs, in this way fostering culture and encouraging the development of community spirit, as well as cultural and social innovation in different areas of Klaipėda.


Individual residency programme offers to stage an exhibition in 12 m2 experimental cube at KCCC Exhibition Hall.

Participant of Educational residency has to organise a creative event (1–2 days) or deliver a lecture combining practical and theoretical knowledge.

Accommodation Information 

Hall, work room, sleeping room, kitchen, bathroom.

Studio Information 

Work space consists of four studios that are isolated one from another (117 m2 in total). These studios have different kinds of equipment: a clay pottery wheel, high temperature electrical stove SNOL 225/ 1200, glaze camera, graphics presses (120m x 0,90m, 180m x1m).
Residing artists are partly equipped with materials they need (based on the needs of a project and individual negotiations) as well as basic equipment. They are also assisted during the process of organization of an exhibition and presentation of a project.

Darzu street 10
/ Baznyciu street 4
LT -91246 Klaipeda
+370 46 410 054

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