Application guidelines 

The artists can apply for a place at the Residency by an informal application or using the official application form of the Residency. With the application please send a copy of your CVwith original signatures, picture material about any earlier works / portfolio, working plan during the visit, the preferred duration of the Residency, and the facts concerning the working studios that will be needed.

The Kemijärvi Sculpture and Culture Foundation is responsible forthe selection of the artists. The selected applicants will be informed personally.

The application period to the Kemijärvi Residency is at any time during the year.

If the applicant would likethe material to be returned, pleaseattach a self-addressed envelope with thematerials. Please, do not send anyoriginals.


Print the application form here

Kemijärvi Sculpture & Culture Foundation

Kemijärvi Sculpture & Culture Foundation


Kemijärvi Sculpture & Clture Foundation organizes international artist exchange programmes. Traditional Kemijärvi Woodsculpting Symposium will also make use of the residence. The purpose is that the visiting artists also take part in developing the local cultural and artistic projects.


Exhibition in the exhibition space (68,0m2)

Accommodation Information 

Apartments in the Old Dairy House for the artists.

Studio Information 

Workroom 1 – 38,5 m2 (High windowless room with thick walls, suitable for welding). Workroom 2 – 27,3m2( High, luminous space, e.g. for sculptors, ceramists etc.) Workroom 3 – 59,0 m2 (High, luminous studio for painters) Workroom 4 – 19,0 m2 (Luminous working place to make small pieces of art, e.g. graphic works.)


The town of Kemijärvi is East Lapland's service center and the northernmost town in Finland. The town is surrounded by the lakes Kemijärvi and Pöyliöjärvi, as well as the river Kemijoki, the largest river of Finland.

PL 37 (Kuumaniemenkatu 5)
98101 Kemijärvi
+358 40 579 1644
+358 16 812 401

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Update my listing

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