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4 weeks
Paid by host 

JustMAD will take care of accommodation expenses for the stay in Avilés during the residency program, and afterwards in Madrid during the fair. JustMAD will:

  • be responsible to provide a studio space for artists. Studios are located in La Factoría in Avilés.
  • arrange lunch and dinner during the stay in Avilés.
  • cover round trip transportation from Madrid to Avilés.
  • provide all necessary means and materials for the residents to develop his/her work. Once selected, each resident shall be contacted to coordinate this matter. There’s a budget that should be sufficient to cover any reasonable proposal.
Paid by artist 

The artist needs to cover round trip travel expenses to Madrid.

Application guidelines 

Those artists interested in participating in Just Residence please send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Link to the artist’s portfolio, along with a comprehensive description
  • A document describing the artist’s art practice and proposal (300 words max.)
  • Curriculum vitae (300 words max.)
  • Letter by the artist committing to accept the requirements described in this document in case being accepted to participate in Just Residence Avilés 2017

JustMAD Contemporary Art Fair

JustMAD Contemporary Art Fair

Just Residence


JustMAD contemporary art fair launches in 2017 its eighth edition and restates its commitment to the promotion and dissemination of emerging art through curated sections. COAM-La Sede is the venue that hosts the fair. This iconic building, (Colegio de Arquitectos de Madrid) located in the center of the city, has proved to be a powerful actor in the cultural scene in Spain. JustMAD’s goal is to stay strong in supporting emerging galleries and alternative spaces from Spain and abroad.

Description of the residency programme

For the forth-consecutive time and thanks to the support of the town of Avilés and Fundación Banco de Santander, JustMAD celebrates a new edition of Just Residence. This is a 4-week art residency program that offers residents the opportunity to enjoy a creative experience in companionship with other international artists. Just Residence 2017 is articulated through an open call. The aim is to gather a fine group of artists that represent contemporary international creative panorama. The sole requirement for candidates to apply is to deliver a proposal connected to the curatorial discourse defined for 2017’s edition. That is, reflecting on the transformation and reclaim of the industrial landscape through art. Commenting on industrial landscape’s memory, the integration of art into that specific context, or the regeneration of abandoned infrastructures among others, would be valid options to build a proposal.

The destination chosen to host Just Residence 2017 is the town of Avilés. Located in the north of Spain, this town offers the perfect framework to activate intersections between contemporary art and the industrial footprint on the cityscape. Residents shall benefit from witnessing a transformation-trough-culture process that’s already in place. The new Niemeyer cultural center has been the foundational stone of this endeavor. Carlos Garaicoa as Just Residence 2017 resident’s mentor. With a creative discourse intimately linked to architecture, working with Garaicoa offers a great opportunity. A jury chaired by him is responsible for the selection of a maximum of ten artists to participate in Just Residence 2017. Selected participants shall be announced on the 17th of October.


Participant artists are expected to produce one or two pieces as a result of their research on the residency curatorial topic and its connection with the town of Avilés. Research and art production shall be conducted with Carlos Garaicoa's advice.

Accommodation Information 

Each resident has a single room with bathroom.

Studio Information 

La Factoría - where artist's studios are located- offers different workshop rooms where residents shall have their working space. Each of these areas are open spaces big enough for at least 5 residents to share. Depending on the resident practice a spot will be assigned in any of these workshop rooms. They all have natural light.

For any technical assistance and advice, La Factoría staff will be available for residents. Access to a photography lab will also be possible.

Technical Information 

Pottery ovens, welding equipment, complete printing workshop set, easels, basic tools.


Just Residence is located in the town of Avilés, in the north of Spain. Studios are at La Factoría.

Calle San Joaquín, 12, 3D
28014 Madrid Madrid

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