Korean, English
3 months (also 6 and 12 months opportunities)
Paid by host 

Private studio and accommodation (food and other utilities not included); airfare for overseas residents (one time round trip economy class air ticket | *differential aid to top 3 artists based on grading level); production fees for local collaboration program or projects in or by Incheon Art Platform.

For the Baengnyeong-do Peace Arts Residency, some of living costs, project fee and special exhibitions are covered by IAP (Selected artists only by examination, prior discussion with IAP is necessary).

Paid by artist 

Living expenses, transportation, (material) supplies and utilities charges (such as electricity, tap water, air-conditioning, heating, telephone). AiR Program participants have to arrange their own delivery of materials for production of works, rehearsals, researches, and so on.

Application guidelines 
  • Online application form
  • Project proposal for the duration of IAP AIR program (approx. 2000words)
  • CV (artist resume: approx. 2000words)
  • Portfolio (in PDF file Format)
  • Up to 20 pages/slides submitted under IAP portfolio guideline in a PDF file format
  • Further instructions and downloadable template will be available on their website.
  • Video files cannot be unloaded directly. Please use alternative web streams, such as Youtube, Vimeo, or your own personal website. Then make sure to insert the link URLs in your portfolio document.
  • Recommendation Letters (in PDF file Format)
  • Applicant must submit two recommendation letters by international professionals in the field of Arts.
  • Each letter must include referee's signature and contact information (e-mail, contact number).
  • Submit as a PDF files format.
  • Introduction Video
  • Instead of interviewing, international applicant must submit 1 video file (.avi/.mov) of introducing your creative activities and project plan during your stay in IAP in English within 3 minutes.

Incheon Art Platform

Incheon Art Platform



As a multiplex cultural arts center, Incheon Art Platform (IAP) is based on artists-in-residency programs. It hosts exhibitions, performances and concerts all over the year and runs various events and educational programs for general public. By supporting resident artists covering various genres, IAP aims to become the incubator for new arts creation and a core of contemporary art. IAP runs two types of residencies for artists:

  • Artist-in-Residence: Incheon Art Platform offers an artist-in-residence program to support artists, art researchers and humanitarians who wish to pursue creative activities in Incheon. Applications are invited from people in art-related fields who would like to produce works, conduct research, etc., during their stay in Incheon.
  • Baengnyeong-do Peace Arts Residency: Incheon Art Platform is running Peace Art Residency which supports artists who can produce creative works related to Baengnyeongdo and Seohae-o-do(five islands in West Sea) with local community in Baengnyeongdo. Applications are invited from people in art-realted fields who would like to produce works, conduct research, etc.

The resident artist should give a workshop or a lecture. IAP will give an introduction to Korean art scenes, support for artist promotion, etc

Studio Information 

There are 22 studios ranging from 870 to 1000 sq. ft. with living quarters. Live/work studio spaces. The type of studio is decided regarding material and scale of work.In principle, a performing artist resides in a private studio and is not given a separate practice room. Literature, research, and criticism offers only accommodation.

Technical Information 

Media lab, project space, archive, shared studio, kitchen.


Incheon Art Platform is located in Haean-dong in the Jung-gu district of the city. It is an area rich in history dating back to the 1883 open port era. The buildings in the area were erected during the 1930s-40s, and have been carefully maintained to now serve as important cultural assets. The area is recognized for its historic and architectural value.

10-1 Haean-dong 1-ga Jung-gu
South Korea

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