Literature Research Curating
English, French
15 to 28 days
Paid by host 

The host offers the room, studio, communication, networking and possibility to engage the building or intersect the coexisting project. No budget for production is allocated.

Paid by artist 

The fee (depending on the duration) is from 100 to 200 euros in total. This symbolic amount is used to cover the costs of building charges and enable the sustainability of the independent project. The artist needs to cover the costs of travel and living.

Application guidelines 

In order to answer the open call, please prepare the following info/documents and email them to residence@hectolitre.space with subject: “Residence of reflection” + the month you apply for:

  • CV (.pdf or the URL)
  • Portfolio (visual or writing; .pdf or the URL)
  • Project idea/intention (.pdf; 300 words max)
  • Time period (specify the month you apply for, with eventual second and third choice)

Jury of international artists and cultural professionals evaluate the propositions, based on socio-cultural relevance, innovative approach, doability and impact on the project. They don’t expect a fully elaborated working plan or project. The research should be an independent and site-specific initiative, adjusted for a short-term residency, but resulting in a concrete reflection. The results will be communicated before May 15th the latest). 




Residence of reflection


HECTOLITRE is a project in creation in Brussels (BE). A space open to artists, artisans and thinkers who wish to deepen their research, experiment transdisciplinarity or connect their practice to the neighborhood. As the HECTOLITRE is growing as a community, possibility and exchange, it is crucial to catalyze the process of reflections from the very beginning, and let it co-created the memory and identity of the project and its neighborhood. In this context, they are launching a residency of reflection, dedicated to thinkers, conceptual artists, writers, and critics, willing to let their personal thoughts and practice reflect on the following challenges: connecting the parallel communities coexisting in the neighborhood of Marolles; creating a memory of relations and exchanges and placing the artist within the community and strengthening a collectivity within the art.


  • There is no specific medium or discipline, but writing, audio or video recording based works are preferred.
  • The artists/thinkers-in-residence will have a cozy room, access to a rooftop atrium and the shared kitchen within the co-working space, oriented in graphics and (moving) image.
  • There is a possibility to engage/use other aspects of the space within the residency project.
  • Thinkers/artists in residence will have assistance in local networking and communication.
  • At the end of the residence, the public presentation and talk will take place at HECTOLITRE.
  • The duration of the residency is from 15 to 28 days.
  • The residency is open for all people of the world, regardless of their national, gender, religious or ethnic specificity.
  • HECTOLITRE does not cover the costs of travel and living, nor has a budget allocated for production.
  • Working language is English and/or French.
  • One residence per month only.
  • The fee (depending on the duration) is from 100 to 200 euros in total.

A reflection on given challenges, no specific medium or discipline is required, but writing, audio or video recording based works are preferred. A talk with artist at the end of the residence.

Accommodation Information 

One room.

Studio Information 

A shared atelier, shared balcony, possibility to engage other aspects of the space.

Technical Information 

An atypical building with venues adaptable to shared studios, exhibitions, performing arts, encounters and presentation, vitrine art, co-working.

Rue de l'Hectolitre 3
1000 Brussels

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