English, French, Arabic
2-6 months
Paid by host 

Networking opportunities and discounts on all materials, plus residence cost including overhead (generator, internet, electricity, water), and free coffee for residents (from 9am to 12pm).

Paid by artist 
  • 300$/month for Small nook residencies & Haven for Artists services
  • 450$/month for Large lounge residencies & Haven for Artists services 
Application guidelines 

Please send an email to [email protected] for info packets and application.



Haven for Artists

Haven for Artists

Haven Residency Program


Haven for Artists envisions a two-way cultural exchange; Less Talking – More Listening. One-time exchanges of exhibitions or performances are not enough. True cultural exchange offers the opportunity for a more profound and sustained engagement amongst artists and between artists and audiences. Successful cultural exchange programming is bilateral. The most successful programs occur when there is a true opportunity for the open exchange of ideas, experiences, and culture in the broadest sense, over a period of time that extends beyond a single performance or exhibition. The key component of successful international cultural exchange programs rests in the term “exchange.” In our effort to provide a deeper understanding of culture, we must make sure to demonstrate, too, that we are listening—that we are interested in learning about other cultures and creative backgrounds.

Content and context are key – the Haven for Artist residency program includes residency, educational, and networking components. The exchange they aim for is much more than simply presenting a performance/exhibition/ screening/reading. Contextualization of art leads to a more profound, long-term impact on the audience(s) - a more concrete and profound understanding of the artist is reflected when placed in a new (or alien) environment. This gives the art piece displayed an opportunity to expand, grow and coherently express issues, concepts and themes of the context they reside in. Discussion and the mutual process of reflection are critical. 
While an audience may learn something about another culture by watching a performance of, say, Japanese Butoh dance, the experience only becomes a true cultural exchange when there is an opportunity for that artists to spend time in a community, meet with the public, discuss the nature of their work, how it reflects upon their traditions or their contemporary history, and to reflect upon how the “visiting” culture relates to the “host” culture. This deeper cultural dialogue or cultural exchange also provides an enhanced environment for achieving ‘cultural diplomacy’ – “a completely different creature but one that requires successful cultural exchange in order to succeed.” - David Fraher.

The selection of artist residents is determined by three core factors: 

  • The artist’s potential to develop within their respective art forms and to implement a project which can in turn alter misconceptions, misunderstandings or the assumptions of what is portrayed as the truth or what has been normalized.
  • The job of the artist is to illuminate a self-truth and encourage a sense of freedom towards will, expression and depth of thought. 
  • Their interest, accomplishments to-date and ability to make a social contribution through their work 
  • The potential benefits our residency would offer to their artistic growth and development. 

Exhibition or performance at the end of the residence, workshops if possible, discussions, any input is welcome, only mandatory outcome is the end performance or exhibition.

Accommodation Information 

The Haven for Artists residency hosts 4-6 artists at a time in the following manner:

  • 2 Small Nooks: Capacity of 1 artist at a time 
  • 2 Large Lounges: Capacity of 2 artists at a time

Rooms are tentative and dependent on availability. 

Studio Information 

They have partners who provide them with discounts on all arts material required, Haven provides creative and logistical support to all residents' creative projects to aid in production and exhibition of the final project. Haven can through its local partners provide cheap/free rehearsal spaces, recording studios, and support for all materials to be used in the production of the focus artwork of the residency.

Technical Information 

Discounts on all print, framing services, editing, designing, promotion on social media to a hub of over 17,000 followers.

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