The Goethe-Institute as the cultural institution of the Federal Republic of Germany which operates worldwide, promotes the study of the German language abroad and encourages cultural exchange with foreign countries. It informs about the cultural, social and political life in Germany and plays with its network of Goethe-Institutes, Goethe-Centres, cultural societies, reading rooms and exam and language centres a central role in the cultural and educational policies of Germany.

The three principal objectives of the institute are:

  • to promote the study of the German language abroad
  • to encourage international cultural cooperation
  • to convey an all-round image of Germany by providing information on its culture, society and politics

The Goethe-Institute sets internationally recognised standards in the teaching and learning of German as a foreign language. It runs language courses, compiles teaching materials, trains teachers, contributes to scientific research and participates in politicolanguage initiatives.

Libraries and information centres, forums for discussion, diverse print-, audio- and video-publications and our visitors’ service aim to paint a contemporary portrait of Germany, promoting international discourse on the key concerns of what is becoming an increasingly global society.

The Goethe-Institute encourages cultural collaboration across the globe by organising programmes of events and making contributions to various festivals and exhibitions in the fields of

  • cultural film activities
  • music section
  • scholarships for drama and dance projects
  • support and funding for the visual arts
  • promoting German
  • translation programme
  • scholarship programme for culture intermediary
  • the forum Goethe-Institute
  • youth exchange

The Visitor Programme organises information journeys to Germany for more than 1,500 foreign guests, journalists and other cultural and social opinion-leaders.

Head Office Munich
Dachauer Straße 122
80637 Munich
+49 89 15921 0

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