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Short-term = 2-4 weeks; long-term = 3 months
Paid by host 

Long-term residency of 3 months:

  • monthly stipend of 1000 €
  • production budget of max 2000 €
  • travel expenses to Black Forest and back home of max 300 €
  • exhibition budget of max 500 €

Short-term residency of 2-4 weeks:

  • stipend of 350 €
  • production budget of max 350 €
  • travel expenses to Black Forest and back home of max 300 €

If needed the organisers are happy to help applying for additional funding.

Application guidelines 

Please send your application with CV, portfolio and short project outline as ONE PDF-file to [email protected], subject: "Artist-in-Residence-LONG-TERM" or "Artist-in-Residence-SHORT-TERM". Please state your preferred period of residence.

07/11/2019 07/05/2020


7 November for January - June and 7 May for July - December

Global Forest e.V.

Global Forest e.V.

Friedrichstrasse 5a


The nonprofit institution Global Forest e.V. was formally founded by artists, curators, entrepreneurs, scientists and other creative thinkers in October 2018. Located in St. Georgen in the Black Forest, a location, which might be referred to as periphery, Global Forest aims to create and establish a place for the promotion and mediation of contemporary art. Initially founded as an open network in 2016, Global Forest has already organized various events including exhibitions, lectures, symposia and workshops. For example the so-called “Klangspiele”, which covers experimental presentations that move at the intersection of concerts, performances and lectures, the “Vogelklang Soundcamp” a festival program which dedicates itself to birds and their early morning songs, and the “DUAL Sessions 2017”, a symposium for audio culture.

Due to the unique industrial history of St. Georgen, where in the early 20th century such forward-looking companies from the phono-industry as Dual and PE were founded, Global Forest puts a special focus on the interface between fine art, technology and experimental music. Concurrently, the institution does not refrain from any genre or medium in artistic creation. The primary goal of Global Forest is to offer young national and international artists an exhibition, presentation and work platform. At the same time, it aims to enable a profound discourse on current issues in contemporary art. Next to fostering the already existing network with other regional, national and international art and cultural institutions, such as the Städtische Galerie Villingen-Schwenningen (municipal museum), the Deutsches Phonomuseum (St. Georgen), the Hochschule Furtwangen (HFU), the IRCAM (Paris) or the Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), Global Forest also wants to establish an open house, in which the people in and around St. Georgen as well as of the entire region are invited to gather insights into the creative processes of young artists. Thus, their aim is to reduce the social distance towards contemporary art and its institutions and to provoke enthusiasm for art throughout all sections of the population.

The recently founded artist residency “Friedrichstrasse 5a” is hosted by the nonprofit institution Global Forest e.V. within the premises of the former studio of Martin Kippenberger. During the residencies national and international artists get the opportunity to deepen their artistic practice, explore different themes, develop new works and exhibit or present them to the public. At Friedrichstrasse 5a Global Forest wants to offer artists the opportunity to experiment freely and to pursue innovative projects in the idyllic, concentrated and undisturbed remoteness of the Black Forest. The local complexity and the exciting relationship between human kind, technology and nature is a unique and exciting constellation that can, but does not have to provide the guests with a variety of impulses. Such local phenomena are for instance the history of the Black Forests’ entrepreneurship, the industrial significance of the region, its attractiveness as Germany’s largest low mountain range and internationally known natural recreation area, and finally its cultural roots in Alemannic customs.

The purpose of the artist residency is to function as an open platform for the creation of new thoughts, ideas, practices and know-how between artists, professionals and the public on a local, regional, national and international basis. Furthermore it is supposed to offer interesting and unique insights into progressive artistic strategies. In line with these principles, the presentations resulting from the residencies are supposed to trigger an interdisciplinary and ongoing involvement with contemporary art and its discourses.


The resident will conclude her/his stay at the artist residency with a presentation, such as an exhibition, a performance, lecture, concert, etc., of the project realized during her/his stay. The artist further obliges to provide Global Forest with an artwork edition for the annual “Jahresgaben”. Expecially during the long-term residencies they appreciate if artist want to offer any kind of public workshop, studio visit, artist talk, etc. to engange with the town.

Accommodation Information 

Artists will be accommodated in either one single or one of two double bed rooms. Every artist will have his/her own room, except artist duos/families. Room sizes vary from 10-20qm2. Bathroom must be shared among all residents. The residence is equipped with a modern kitchen, which is being used by all residents. All areas are expected to be kept clean.

Studio Information 

Workspace for all residents is a commonly used studio (about 150qm2) which can be adapted to the specific needs of the residents and the media he/she works with. They expect respectful behaviour towards the other residents while using the studio and any other commonly used areas.

Technical Information 

They have own exhibition space (aprox. 100 qm2), which can be used for the final presentation.

Friedrichstrasse 5a
78112 St. Georgen im Schwarzwald

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