Visual Arts Literature
English, Spanish
2 to 8 weeks
Paid by artist 

The program has a general fee of individual residency: USD 610 and collective residency (3 to 8 people): USD 350 per person, who are willing to share room, art studios, transport, etc. Artists who are member of the Rural & Art Circuit  and who have to self-finance the  program, will obtain a discount of 10% on the general program fee.
The general fee covers:

  • Transport from Barichara to Mahanaim CRA at the beginning and end of the residency program
  • Accommodation in single or shared room with private bathroom
  • Breakfast
  • Daily Transport to the town, departure: 9 am - return: 6 pm
  • Art Studio in single or shared modality
  • Participation in annual exhibition.
  • WiFi (limited)

Each extra week has a cost of individual residency: USD 190 and collective residency: USD 130 per person.

They offer other services for and extra cost:

  • Lunch: USD 6
  • Dinner: USD 3
  • Laundry: USD 6
  • Transport to town out of pre-defined daily schedule: USD 4 per
  • Training with local artists: according to selected artist’s fees
  • Touristic plans: according to plan chose

The artist has to pay:

  • Transportation from the place of origin to Barichara and return
  • Cost of visa procedures
  • Health insurance
  • Art materials, tools, personal work
Application guidelines 

Residence Quinquigüa can be carried out at any time during the year, but the application must be submitted at least two months in advance. It is recommended to schedule your residence for the months of March / April or November / December which are the seasons with the highest number of visitors to the town and more cultural activities scheduled by different local organizations.To apply please send to mahanaim.centrorural[email protected], the following information:

  • Completed application form
  • CV
  • Four photographs of your most representative artworks



Fundacion Mahanahaim Centro Rural

Fundacion Mahanahaim Centro Rural


The residency program is aimed at artists, creators, explorers, who want to spend some time away from home and their routine to focus on inspiration, research and artistic production. The residence is set in a period between 2 and 8 weeks ideally and it takes place in Mahanaim Rural and Art Center (Mahnaim CRA), in Barichara.

The residency hwo main characteristics:

1. It is developed within the environment  connecting the resident with the rich local arts community. The artist in residence will have access to training in different techniques (painting, ceramics, sculpture, carving in stone or wood, land and mix techniques on canvas, artistic fabric, etc.), exchange of experiences as well as new projects and initiatives through this platform that brings together artists, international organizations and initiatives which link art and rural.

2. In line with their mission, they prioritize artistic proposals that take into account issues related to rural areas, for which the resident has access to groups, organizations or local experiences that provide appropriate information to strengthen their proposal. The following topics are suggested:

  • Life in the contryside (use of natural resources, traditions, legends, challenges and needs)
  • The work of the land (agricultural practices, food industry, impact and challenges)
  • The man in the landscape (interventions, alterations, fauna and flora of the region)
  • Rural Exodus and new-ruralism

The participant may, however, focus on any subject or project of his / her choice.

The residency program provides the participant:

  • Accommodation with breakfast.
  • Spaces for the development of his artistic work.
  • Participation in the annual exhibition.
  • Opportunity to support “Campoabierto workshops” program and other artistic activities offered to the surrounding rural community
  • In partnership with local organizations and depending on the dates of residence, you can participate in cultural activities, exhibitions, festivals, seminars, etc., that are part of the cultural agenda of the municipality.
  • Connection and discounts to Quinquigua artist-in residency program in San Vicente (Ecuador), through partner organizations.

They expect the artist to:

  • Stay of minimum 2 and maximum of 8 weeks
  • Involvement with local community of artists, rural dwellers, social and cultural organizations through visits, participation in lectures, speeches or informal talks to nurture their creative process and ensure a contribution to the community.
  • Conduct a closing - residency activity directed (conference, workshop, documentary, exhibition, etc.) regarding its experience in Barichara and within the community.
  • Participation in the annual exhibition with a piece of the artwork developed during residency, which can be donated to the Mahanaim Rural Center Foundation to be part of their permanent exhibition or returned to the artist (transportation costs by the artist).
Accommodation Information 
  • Four single/double rooms
  • One shared room (up to 6 people)
  • One shared room (up to 4 people)
Studio Information 

Within the house the studios are adapted to activities such as painting, drawing, clay sculpture and writing.

  • They offer 4 interior studios to be shared by two artists during full occupancy.
  • They offer 2 open studios outside the house which can be shared by all artists. They are surrounded by nature and beautiful views.

Studios available in the town

  • They have alliances with local artist to provide training in subjects such as ceramic modeling, bronze sculpture, stone and wood carving, artistic fabric, among others.
Technical Information 
  • For painting: Easel (one per artist)
  • For writing: Writing room well equiped (computers are not available)
  • For clay sculpture: connection to clay providers

Artists are adviced to bring their own personal tools. In case the resident wishes to receive training from a local artist, all technical facilities will be provided as well as information on where to acquire specific materials needed.


Barichara (Santander).

Vereda Los Cauchos
Km. 1,5 Vía antigua Barichara – Villanueva.

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