1 month to 1 year
Paid by artist 

Acommodation, studio space, food, materials, and fees for the firing of the kilns.

The price per month is 1520 euros. 

If the artist wishes to be accompanied by one or various member of his family, by an assistant, or if he wants to arrange to share an apartment and studio with one or more other artists, the price per month increases:

For 2 persons: 2.057 euros

For 3 persons: 2.541 euros

Application guidelines 

For stays shorter than 6 months, artist will have to select a month in between April and October.

Fundació Tallers Josep Llorens Artigas

Fundació Tallers Josep Llorens Artigas


The foundation offers professional artists -not just potters- from around the world the use of workshops and other facilities to carry out their projects and to expose their works. The foundation even has some 'Noborigama' Japanese-style kilns, a legacy of the Artigas relation with the Japanese master potter Shoji Hamada.

Accommodation Information 

4 studios, 150 m2 (two floors) and individual houses.

Studio Information 

The Fondation studies are 150m2, clear and spacious, they have technical instalations like big wood japanese kilns ( noborigama and anagama ) and a gas kiln. Also a library spécialised on arts of all over the world and specially on ceramics, with a lots of technical books, lots of them written by J. Llorens Artigas himself.


The foundation is situated in Gallifa, 40 km away from Barcelona, in a spectacular mountainous region with woodlands and terraced cultivation.

Camí del Racó s/n
08146 Gallifa (Barcelona)
+34 93 8662434
+34 93 8662434

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