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Residency fee, material and travel, except for the call winners, who will get residency free of charge and stipend.

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FPA Residency guidelines



Ongoing; Deadline 15 May 2016 for FpA Fellowship

FpA Fondazione per l'Arte

FpA Fondazione per l'Arte

FpA residency and production programme


FpA Fondazione per l\'Arte is a not for profit organization. Through its ambitious programme of cultural exchange in Italy and abroad the foundation aims to encourage and promote the fundamental role in society played by art and culture in all its diverse forms. Within the broad scope of contemporary art, the aim is to discover, promote and add value to young and little known talents, in order to help them actualise their projects. The foundation therefore will play a versatile role open to the contributions and council of artists, critics and collectors, as well, of course, the public. Fundamental to the foundation’s attainment of its objectives will be its many exchanges and collaborations with other national and international cultural organizations, foundations, galleries, museums and academies of art.
The idea of an ‘operational workshop’ that is always open, always dynamic, has come into being to provide artists a platform for greater visibility and a meeting point offering the opportunity of national and international exchanges with other artists, dealers, critics, curators, museum directors, collectors and the public. Through its publication of catalogues and monographs, Fondazione per l’Arte proposes to explore, explain, illustrate and diffuse concepts of ancient, modern and contemporary art.


From 2014 the FpA\'s activities will take place at their Rome headquarters of Via del Mandrione 105. The space is part of a post-war industrial building development of the 1950s; it is located between the railway-lines and the Acqua Felice aqueduct. This urban district of Rome, known as Il Mandrione, is a part of the city that has been in constant evolution since the 1943 bombing of nearby San Lorenzo. The area has been cited in various literary and filmic works, first among which, those by Pier Paolo Pasolini. It provides a unique urban setting where railway bridges and ancient roman aqueducts intersect and tangle in a timeless architectural palimpsest.

The simple linear structure of the venue makes it ideal for exhibitions and other projects. This industrial hangar consists of 260 square meters of open space with a ceiling height of 7.10 meters. Its horizontal disposition with easy vehicle access facilitates the transport and installation of works. The space is fully accessible to the disabled and is also equipped with office space, living space and a kitchen. A large parking area within the industrial complex permits the organisation of any kind of public event by facilitating access. The working space is surrounded by other 50 spaces which works in many different field, so the artists can be supported by many supplier such as materials dealers (metals, wood, plexiglass, glass, bulging materials...) as well as 3D print, 3D scan, painting, digital print, photographic studios and more.

The residencies are open to all kind of artists and curators without limitation, focused in visual art,sculpture, performing art, video, photo etc.The idea is to give possibility to the largest number of artists to live and work in Rome in a charming neighborhood, using a large working space and having access to the many working facilities and suppliers without moving from the place. FPA will give them support promoting the residencies with galleries, curators, museum\'s directors, collectors etc.

FPA Factory - Lab - Residency is a Co-Residences format, meaning, the artists and the curators live in the same flat and work in the same working space as well as they have a common living space (kitchen, dinning room), living and working side by side in order to share ideas and experiences.

Accommodation Information 

FpA provide a 75 sqm appartment with three large bedrooms shared by up to 3 artists.

Studio Information 

The working space is a large wharehouse open space of 300 sqm, it will be shared by the artists without walls, in order to get them involved in their work sharing ideas and knowledge.

Technical Information 

The studio is located in an industrial/artisanal district 10 minutes from the Coloseum. It provides to artists any kind of facilities, material and processing.

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Via del Mandrione 105
00181 Rome RM

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