French, English
Up to 6 conscutive month
Paid by host 

The Bursary includes: 

  • 3 months studio: CHF 1350.-
  • 1 firing in 1000L gas kiln (or equivalent cost in electrical kiln): CHF 415.-
  • 3 months accomodation: CHF 2100.-

Any other expenses are responsibility of the resident.

Paid by artist 

Residents (not beneficiaries of Bursaries)

  • Studio: CHF 450.-/ month
  • Material
  • Firings
  • Accomodation
  • Meals
  • Travel
Application guidelines 

Artists can apply at any time, there are no specific way to apply. It is nevertheless imperative that the candidate be able to justify autonomous and in-depth practice in the field of ceramics. To apply for the bursaries, check their website. The open call usually happen between May and September every year.



Ongoing; September 24 for the bursarie

Fondation Bruckner

Fondation Bruckner


The Bruckner Foundation aims to encourage artistic creation in the domain of ceramics and to facilitate public familiarisation with the ceramic arts. It invests in setting up facilities destined to reinforce the presence of ceramics in Carouge. The Bruckner Foundation manages the running of the studios and offers one event per year that contributes to awareness of the languages particular to ceramics. Since 2010 it has taken over the organisation of the Parcours Céramique Carougeois, the international biennial event of contemporary ceramics. Bruckner Foundation‘s support in the field of ceramics enriches the perception of this medium and develops new exchanges. Its action expands the audience of contemporary ceramics by enabling creators to express themselves and exhibit.

One of the principal missions of the foundation is to support ceramic creation through renting work spaces and arranging firings for individuals and institutions. The Bruckner Foundation also supports ceramic creation by awarding annually two bursaries (with provision of a studio and firing in a 1000L kiln). One of the bursaries is intended to support the younger generation by awarding it to a graduate student of the Swiss schools of Applied Arts (Geneva, Bern and Vevey). And since 2017, the second bursary can now be awarded to a ceramist, artist or designer (individual or collective project) without criteria of age, nationality, place of residence or diplomas. It is nevertheless imperative that the candidate be able to justify autonomous and in-depth practice in the field of ceramics. He/she could also be provided with accommodation near the studios.


The resident authorises the Bruckner Foundation to make use of his/her name and any photographic material in its ceramics promotion activity and without any time limit. The resident must ensure the appearance of the text « created at the Bruckner Foundation for the Promotion of Ceramics » for any exhibited or published work created at the Bruckner Foundation during his/her residency. At the request of the Bruckner Foundation, the resident may be called upon to provide a counterpart: participation in Open Days, exhibition or other event.

Accommodation Information 

The Bruckner Foundation has a fully equipped one- room apartment of 41 m2. This is located near the studios and can accommodate one or two persons. Situated in the centre of Carouge, the modern building offers an excellent view on both the charming historical centre and the contemporary part of this city rich in contrast.

Studio Information 

The three work spaces of about 20 sq m are professionally equipped: wedging table, spray booth, hoist, workbench, manual clay extruder, slab roller, pug mill and wheels are just some of the facilities available to the residents. Firings take place in electric kilns of various dimensions or in a large gas kiln of 1m3 (1000L). The studios have Wi-Fi access as well as a small library, a common kitchen and a shower.

Ch. de Grange-Collomb 38
1227 Carouge
0041 22 300 07 18

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