One year with the possibility of extending up to two years
Paid by artist 

15 m2 studio: 157 euro.
18,5 m2 studio: 193 euro.
(internet and bills included)

Application guidelines 

For the temporary stay as Residéncia de Pas, email Antònia Del Río at [email protected]



Experimentem amb l'Art

Experimentem amb l'Art


The association Experimentem amb l'art was established in 1993 as an initiative by the artist Montse Vives. Since then the association has grown with the incorporation of different people from arts education and management. The main goal of the association is to bring art to the public through the development of specific projects for different contexts.

Residència EART is not only a workspace but also a space for fully development of artistic projects. Their main asset is to articulate educational initiatives to help linking the artist's creative process with the public.

Residència EART also offers communicative resources to disseminate the work of artists, which will also have acces to their educational tools and support in the creative process.

There are 15 studios for artist to work in during a 1 year period, an exceptionally in an extended 2 year agreement.

There is also the possibility of a temporary stay in Residència de Pas. EART will offer studio space and tools to artists that pass by Barcelona for 1 or 2 weeks. In exchange, they will have to give a course or workshorp to the students of Escola EART.


C/ Torrijos, 68
08012 Barcelona
(+34) 932 171 877

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