English, french, italian
2006, residency since 2016
1 month
Paid by host 

The hosts will do their best to get technical equipment or collaborations, and to get a budget  for each of their exhibitions. The budget varies and will be discussed with the artist in advance. 

Paid by artist 

Travel expenses and food. 

Application guidelines 

There is no fee. Full name, adress, origin, age, phone, mail, website, CV and of course a presentation of project as detailed as possible.






Emergency is a 77m2 art space, in a former car garage. Run by Einzweidrei collective, it will present 5 exhibitions a year. Every two years it offers a residency for artists with one month to work and one month to exhibit the resulting work. 

The hosts doesn't want to give a precise orientation. They believe the artist can look on the internet for information about the country, the region and this city of Vevey. Internet will provide classical tourist information as well as less known details. However, the hosts are at your disposal to exchange on that. 


Artist is free to present any kind of work, and exhib the result into the Emergency. Art space.

Accommodation Information 

One room in a flat owned by city's cultural office or one independent room at a member's flat in a quiet part of the city, 1min of the lake and 5min of the space and of the station.

Studio Information 

77m2 gallery space as workshop. There is an option for ceramic (to discuss) in collaboration with one of the ceramic workshop of the city or the art school, engraving can be discussed too.

Technical Information 

Professional tools, multimedia equipment, other needs to be discussed.


Center of Vevey city, 1 hour by train from Geneva or Bern.

Byronne 20
1800 Vevey

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Update my listing

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