4 weeks min., 2 months max.
Paid by host 

Upkeep and development of grounds, rates, accommodation and water.

Paid by artist 

Travel and transportation costs, subsistence and material/production costs. 800 NZ dollars per person per month for phone, internet, electricity and cleaning costs (please don’t hesitate to contact the organizers if this is an issue for you).

Application guidelines 

Earthskin seeks application from a diverse range of creative’s to invigorate a wider sharing of ideas and practice of the Transformative arts. They welcome applications from potters, sculptors, photographers, musicians, scientists, environmental and social change innovators, performing artists, writers and poets.

To apply please fill in the form on their website and attach:

  • Your written proposal for residency (A4 size, 200words maximum). It should clearly demonstrate what you are seeking to gain from the residency, what you wish to explore during this time, how it will help expand and develop your creative and professional horizon, and plans you have arising from the residency e.g., exhibit, publish, perform, present or promote.
  • Your C.V, including names and contact details of two referees’.
  • Supporting materials such as copies of work/ presentation folder.


No Applications available during 2021

Earthskin Creative Residency

Earthskin Creative Residency


The mission at Earthskin Muriwai is to support excellence in the creative arts and foster environmental stewardship, through offering monthly residencies to established artists and environmental innovators wishing to focus and extend their practice. It provides an opportunity for collaborative, shared or individual work of up to three residents.


The resident is required to offer either; a public talk on their work, a workshop, or a post-residency exhibition, as well as a koha (gift) of a piece of work on completion.

Accommodation Information 

A sacred space, the main house is nestled inside a valley of ancient bush, offering an introspective flavour. The house has been created as ecologically as possible, and is magical in quality and care. Earthskin Muriwai operates on permaculture principles, capturing rain water, composting all organic material, developing food gardens, worm farming and minimising all waste.

There are two double beds, two bathrooms and a kitchen, with the possibility of also sleeping in the yurt. We are able to house a maximum of three residents at a time.

Studio Information 
  • One studio space that allows for messy work (approx. 30m2)
  • One studio space for clean work only (a yurt of approx. 16m2) -
  • Open plan house that can be enjoyed for writing of all sorts

Artists can choose to share their studio spaces as they wish


Muriwai is located on the west coast of Auckland, New Zealand. 15 minutes walk to the Muriwai beach.

169 Motutara Road
RD1 Waimauku
Muriwai Beach 0881
New Zealand
0064 21935333

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