1-3 months
Paid by host 

Transfer from Dusseldorf or Koln airport. Invitation for visa. Use of facilities.

Paid by artist 

Rent: 350 euro for a single room, and 250 euro (per person) for a double room. If additional project budget needed, it can be asked from funds or organizations which are the partners of the residency.

Application guidelines 

To apply, send your short bio (up to A4), a motivation or plan/project for your stay (up to A4), up to 10 images or a link to video(s) if applicable to [email protected] with subject "Residency".

Dostoevsky Residency

Dostoevsky Residency


Residency Art Rengershausen is an art space owned and founded by Dostoevsky Photography Society. It is a big house in Germany, in the middle of hills, where photographers, designers, writers and filmmakers from Russia and from the rest of the world are invited for short and long-term residency.

Accommodation Information 

The house is made in traditional German style out of clay and wood. It keeps a perfect temperature throughout the year, and is very practical. It currently has 4 stores, three five double bedrooms and one single (it's planned to expand to 7), a living room with TV and Wi-Fi, bathroom and two showers, a big well-equipped kitchen, two toilets. There are planes to expand the house with 3 more bedrooms,, a big studio project space and a conference-room, and a basement room which is planned to become anthe children playroom. The house can host up to 14 people in the busy period (workshops or short-term group projects)

Studio Information 

One large shared studio and auditorium, living room with a possibility to work and a library.

Technical Information 
  • 4 full-power macintoshes for all needed photo, graphic and film-editing programs
  • powerful beamer
  • 20 chairs for project space
  • desks
  • library of app. 10 000 books on arts, culture and science.
  • 2 photo+video cameras (Canon 5D mark III) - for filming and documentation
  • canvas, oil and materials for painters
  • minicab for processing black and white or color photo film
  • Film scaner
  • internet connection, wi-fi.
  • color printer.

It's located in an old village Rengershausen in the hills in West Germany (Frankenberg region). It was founded 900 years ago, and still it consists mainly of the houses built in 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. It has approximately 100 houses, many of which are the houses of the farmers. This area attracts tourists for its authenticity and connection with nature. In the surroundings there are many kilometers of hiking routes trough the nature. This area attracts tourists for it's authenticity and connection with nature. There are picturesque hills on all sides of the village. There are many kilometers of hiking routes. The village is situated between two major German nature reserves, one of which keeps ancient forests. There are no big cities or big industrial places in the area. This place is perfect for inspiration of visual artists or writers and to everyone who needs a period of quietness to create their work.

Braunshauserstrasse 13
35066 Rengershausen

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