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2 weeks to 3 months
Paid by host 

In collaboration with a partner Dos Mares tries to cover all expenses of the residency.

Paid by artist 

If Dos Mares doesn't have a partner for a specific project, the structure engages with the selected resident to look for a grant in their actual living city or country in order to cover most of the expenses.

Application guidelines 

Have a look at the current open calls here. You may apply all year long, a jury meets every three months.



Dos Mares

Dos Mares


Dos Mares is a group of interconnected and transnational projects that favours research and innovation in art.

Dos Mares’ mission is to rethink the artistic practice, cultivate critical thinking, develop professional networks and produce interdisciplinary knowledge by setting up translocal practices, commoning and intercultural collaborations by establishing alternative and hybrid economic models. Dos Mares also supports artists, theoreticians, art historians and curators through various national and international residency programs mainly focused on art research, where no production is expected, no public intervention imposed and no exhibition organized. This type of research is similar to what is known as fundamental research in the scientific field, that is to say, research that is not oriented towards a particular application, which in this field takes the form of an artwork.

During several work sessions of approximately 3 hours each, the Dos Mares curators, accompanied occasionally by collaborators, join the resident in developing an art research for which the starting point is the artist’s work and his or her research project.


Open studio to exchange with the public, this exchange may take different forms but not an exhibition one.

Accommodation Information 

The resident lives at one of Dos Mares' private apartments in downtown at Reformés neighborhood. If the research project may need a short term period in Paris (2-3 days), the structure provides the lodging at Oberkampf neighborhood.

Studio Information 

Dos Mares has 3 shared studios in downtown, only 7 minutes walk from the accommodation at Cours Julien neighborhood.

5 rue Vian
13006 Marseille
+33 (0)7 78 26 51 68

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