up to 6 months
Paid by host 

Studios, workshops, flats and professional advice.

Paid by artist 

Materials and phone bill.

Travel costs.

Application guidelines 

You can apply for a residency four times a year. Make sure you follow the guidelines when applying. If you application does not follow the formalities, the committee reserves the right to ignore the application. Read the formal requirements and get the application form by clicking on the ‘Application Form’ link.

Please note: Non-Danish applicants must have a project related to cultural activities within Denmark.

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4 deadlines per year (first Monday of February, May, August and November)

Danish Art Workshops

Danish Art Workshops

Gammel Dok Pakhuis


Artists, designers and restorers may apply for a short term or long term residency with the Danish Art Workshops (SVK) with a view to producing concrete projects. SVK provides studios, special-purpose workshops, professional staff and fully equipped accommodation.

Non-Danish applicants must apply with projects related to cultural activities within Denmark. Hence, non-Danish applicants may only apply with projects directed towards a specific exhibition or other cultural activity in Denmark, which has already been accepted.

Accommodation Information 


Studio Information 

The workshops provide space to work on several large canvases, installations, or sculptures simultaneously.


The Danish Art Workshops are located in one of the old warehouses along the harbour in the center of Copenhagen.

Strandgade 27 B
1401 K Copenhagen
+45 32 960510
+45 32 570252

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Update my listing

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