10 weeks
Paid by host 

Cultureland provides for the space in Amsterdam and Starnmeer and a bike for local transport. Cultureland has a material budget of € 500,- meant for material costs only (receipts).

Paid by artist 

Food and travel costs.

Application guidelines 

Open call: Forests for the future
From the Amazon to Australia to the Arctic, the forest fire has become the most visible spectacle of the climate crisis. Burning trees are both a cause and a consequence of climate change; they sit at the centre of spiralling processes of destruction, and the sight sparks both despair and denial. In the face of this crisis, the living forest is still a site of hope. Trees are a planet-spanning work of natural art; from the bright intricacy of a maple leaf, to the kaleidoscopic diversity of a rainforest. Today, like art, they are essential to imagining breathable futures. The forest is the landscape of our deep past; it provokes dreams of a wilder world to come, a restoration of our species’ place within nature. The forest is a futuristic technology, capable of regenerative processes, communicative networks, and carbon-capture feats that our own inventions are yet to rival. And the forest is an intimate everyday habitat, providing shade, shelter and sustenance to those who know how to live and work with it.

But the forest also provokes human discomforts and anxieties. It is a place of abundant decay, where life and death intermingle. Of creatures we have never encountered, let alone named; of fears encoded into our darkest fairy tales. Its vast network of branches and roots connects the heavens with the underworld, the sky with the soil, dissolving the barriers between mammals, insects, plants, fungi, bacteria. And the forest disrupts our sense of chronology: a tree lives at a different to a person or a political system, forcing us to think at different timescales.

Send a proposal that engages the inspiring or the unsettling aspects of forests; that take trees as ideas or as materials; that turn to past, present, or future and imagine new habitats into existence. Can art represent a tree’s experience, or can an artist collaborate with a forest? If the tree is key to living in symbiosis, how might we begin to learn its language?

More information about this specific call look here.

Art & Science




Cultureland is a foundation that organizes creative work periods, projects and activities at the cutting edge of culture and nature. Starting in January 2017, Cultureland provides artists time and space to develop work relating to the landscape and natural environment. The Artist in Residency program starts in Amsterdam, where the artist or researcher can explore the cultural and scientific life the city has to offer. A kick-off meeting is set up to meet other professionals and to start a conversation about the project. After 2 weeks, the artist moves to a rural (remote) location called Buitenwerkplaats in Starnmeer. Buitenwerkplaats is surrounded by typical Dutch polder landscape. In the studio there is room to produce and reflect on the project. Halfway the residency the artist presents the project in the Storefront 181, a former shopfront on the Admiraal de Ruijterweg 181 in Amsterdam. Finally, the artist returns to Amsterdam to finalize the residency. The artist presents the results of the residency period to reflect and discus during the Artist Talk.


To help achieve the goals, the artist is asked:
• Pictures and text on the project for the website, before arrival.
• Making a display about you and your project in the Storefront at Admiraal de Ruijterweg 181 in the middle of your residency period. The storefront is a former shopwindow on the public street with a cross-section where Amsterdam residents pass-by every day. The measurements of the storefront are approximately 1.85 m high and 2.4 m wide on each side of the front-door. The depth of the storefront-space is 0.6 m.
• A photo (without text) and a text on the project towards the end of the work period, in order to announce the presentation in a newsletter and for the website.
• A life presentation of your cultureland project. People will be invited to this presentation by mail and local announcements. Drinks for this event will be provided.
• A3 (420 x 297 mm) piece of work such as a drawing, painting, image, text or 3D work, to stay in Amsterdam, adding to a series of Cultureland air works.

Accommodation Information 

Cultureland provides private live/work space in both Amsterdam and at Buitenwerkplaats. A bike for local transport is available at both locations. 
There is always one artist in Amsterdam and one at Buitenwerkplaats. The majority of time is spent working independently, but there will be opportunities for the artists to meet.

Studio Information 

Both Studio's are available for the artist. The Amsterdam Studio: is a complete house; Kitchen bathroom and bedroom and a double living room used as working space and presentation space at the Artist
Talk. Buitenwerkplaats Studio: One space with a kitchen and bathroom at ground floor, sleeping at the open atic. All the rest for working.

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Starnmeerdijk 6
1488 AG Starnmeer
Admiraal de Ruyterweg 181-I
1056 GD Amsterdam
+31 (0)6 145 97 632

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