English, Russian
From 1 week to 3 months
Paid by artist 

The residency fee is 175 euro per applicant/ week for Summer Residence Program and 245 euro per applicant / week for Winter Residence program, and it covers:

  • Guidance and support for the facilitation of each project, including the acquisition of various resources requested, whether technical or otherwise.
  • Artists support to communicate and pass their message across to Russe based organizations and individuals.
  • Exhibition spaces and opening reception
  • Presentation to the public and media coverage
  • Transfer from Bucharest International Airport or Russe Train station to Shtraklevo village and back
  • Translation of texts from English to Bulgarian
  • Costs for electricity, WiFi & water

It does not cover:

  • Individual traveling expenses
  • Health insurance
  • Food and personal needs
  • Housing
Application guidelines 

Culture & Energy Artists in Residence Program starts in April and finishes in November. The participants need to fill the Application form in English, Russian or Bulgarian and send it to the following e-mail: [email protected] The selection will be done by a jury of Culture & Energy members.



Culture&Energy NGO

Culture&Energy NGO

Culture&Energy AiR


Culture and Energy is an NGO established in 2003 by a group of artists and researchers. The main goal of the organization is to investigate the various levels of the complex interactions between Culture and Nature. The activities of the organization are based on the understanding that Culture is, in fact, an interaction between man and Nature and this can be a mutually beneficial. The individual and the community take from Nature its material substance. In addition, in the process of constantly human intellectual development, it is became an object of inspiration. In return, man enriches and protects Nature preserving it through the power of his creative work. Within the implemented projects of their organization, Nature is seen as an environment, a resource and catalyst of both: the creative process and the interdisciplinary researches. Their goal is to stimulate the creation of art works that encouraged the transformation in the thinking and attitudes to Nature.

Description of the residency program

The Residence program is trans-disciplinary laboratory for artists and researchers, with the idea to provide a time and space for creativity work in a stimulating natural environment. They promote a particular art form and practice, encourage experimentation and facilitate exchange between art/culture and natural sciences. Their residency program is suited for all kinds of creative thinkers: artists, writers, musicians, curators, cultural managers, and academics. Through the residency program, residents are provided with the opportunity to develop their individual projects and are free in selection of the media. The organization encourages independent art research by individuals who would like to re-defining and re-visioning the relationship between art/culture and nature and seek for answers of the question of whether artists may affect the social change - art works use creative vision to highlight the ways in which we see the Nature, psychologically, philosophically. They expect professional development and creation of networking opportunities for both visiting artists and the host community, with opportunities for an exchange of ideas and new ways of working. Cultivated relationships with other artists and exchange opportunities with distant arts organizations are the ways to raise the profile of the city and our organization as well as to create and implement interdisciplinary activities “in the cause”.


Working individually or collaboratively to produce a body of work, reflecting with their personal professional interests, the artists are free in their choice. Depending of their projects, the outcomes of the residency are open to the various forms of presentation: exhibitions; workshops; talks or on-line publications.

Accommodation Information 

The house offers two small private apartments with kitchenette and bathroom and independent entrances. The house is surrounded by a garden surrounds and a big BBQ area offers the possibility of joint meetings.

Studio Information 

The two private residential studios are live-work spaces.

Technical Information 

Computers, printers, scanner, multimedia projector, laser, sound system, easels, framing and painting supply, WiFi.


Residential place is situated in the organization’s house in Straklevo village, Ruse town, Bulgaria. The location of the village is on the edge of the Natural Preserve “Lom River - Ruse” and at the same time it’s in the surroundings of Ruse town and about 70 km of Bucharest.

Specific Resources
Natural Park “Lom River - Ruse” – with its variety of rare and protected species of plants and animals; the specific landscape; the Natural Preserve “Srebarna” under the protection of UNESCO; various Wetlands zones along the Danube River. The area is characterized with the limestone cliffs, which the underground waters have cut through many caves and rocky niches in. Here is the second larges cave in Bulgaria - “Orlova Chuka”. The specific of the region determines the presence of more than 28 species of bats.

The Cultural resources
The medieval heritage is presented through the Ivanovo Rocky Monasteries, under the protection of UNESCO and town of Cherven. Cultural life in Ruse offers various events covering different areas of the arts: The international symposium for contemporary art “Lomea”; March Music Days International Festival; Jazz Festival; Literaturfestival Ruse - Internationale Elias Canetti Gesellschaft (IECG) ; International Biennial "The Art of Miniature".

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7000 Ruse

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