Minimum 2 weeks to a maximum of 6 weeks
Paid by host 
  • Access to CVAG tool shed for hand tools
  • Multi-purpose spaces within CVAG as available for artist directed community engagement
  • CARFAC artist fees ($350.00 Canadian dollars) for half day public engagement – artist talk / workshop (this is co-ordinated with the residency participant and CVAG curators)
  • CVAG documentation materials of the residency
  • Promotion of the artist’s residency on CVAG website, enews and social media platforms
  • Community introductions that support artist research
  • Transportation between Comox airport and residence upon arrival and departure
  • Basic kitchen supplies
Paid by artist 

$1000 CDN /2 week period / per artist – covers residence associated costs.

Application guidelines 

Send the following material as one compressed PDF (4 MB maximum) file to [email protected]. Prepare in horizontal format for optimal viewing on both computer and projection screens. Title your file “Last Name_First Name.pdf” and include the following:

  • Your contact information: Mailing address, email address, daytime phone number
  • A single page that includes the following:

a. Your approach to creative research and concept development and how you would like to further this during the residency
b. How you expect the residency will benefit your artistic inquiry and practice
c. Your plans for public/community engagement if you anticipate this being a part of your residency
d. Briefly express your interest in the residency being located in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island.
e. Preferred length and dates for residency; give first and second choice preferences.

  • Current CV, maximum 3 pages.
  • Up to 10 images of recent artwork (may include multiple viewpoints of one artwork) with brief descriptions including title, date, etc). Alternatively, links that direct to specific pages of your website may be embedded in your PDF submission.

Comox Valley Art Gallery

Comox Valley Art Gallery

CVAG Next Door


The Comox Valley Art Gallery is currently calling for expressions of interest to undertake self-directed residencies to engage in arts-based research, activations, creative exploration of materials, process and concept development. The CVAG Next Door Program is open to international artists and curators engaged in contemporary interdisciplinary art practice. The residency offers an opportunity to focus on creative research without distraction, demands or expectations. The gallery sees this as a way to support deep and sustained artistic practice during residency periods that are two weeks to a maximum of six weeks in length.
The Comox Valley Art Gallery is an independent public gallery run by a non-profit society dedicated to presenting and fostering contemporary art by professional artists from the region, the country and internationally. Through exhibitions, publications, creative residencies and education programs, they link the Comox Valley to the broader world of contemporary art practice. At CVAG, they listen deeply to those they work with, contribute to and activate their ideas and voices within a local, national and international arts conversation, and create a platform by which the community can gain insight through roots of shared knowledge and understanding.
Situated amidst a majestic natural landscape with a layered cultural history, CVAG plays three key roles. First, it offers to the Comox Valley community a ‘cultural public sphere’ – a place in which concepts within the work of contemporary artists it can be surfaced and discussed. Second, it fosters excellence in artistic inquiry; enables artists to think, make, explore and connect in ways that can only happen here - in this centre on a geographical periphery. A third role, one that both springs from and umbrellas the former two, is that of a nodal point, or rhizome, connecting to a wider network of contemporary art community, projects and institutes.
The Comox Valley Art Gallery’s (CVAG’s) acknowledges its place on unceded Traditional K’omoks territory, and honours the teachings that have been imparted to them by Elders and members of the K’omoks First Nation.


CVAG Next Door residency supports artistic practice and inquiry without expectation of production or community engagement. Artists are welcomed to engage with the community as they determine relevant to their research.

Accommodation Information 

Residency participants are responsible for cleaning the residence and removing garbage and recycling during their stay.

Studio Information 

The residence has an open working space approximately 12 feet x 20 feet (22.3 square metres) within the residence. The ceilings are one and a half stories high and the living and working areas are well lit by natural light and pot lighting. The studio area is recessed from direct sunlight and window shades allow for natural light control. The floor is natural finished cement - tarps are provided to cover them during making and materials exploration. Walls can hold lightly secured works in progress. Portable working tables with surfaces 6 feet x 2.5 feet are available for use. A utility sink is available at the gallery for cleaning brushes and palates.

Technical Information 
  • Some access to a gallery computer and printer can be made by arrangement.
  • Access is provided to the gallery's tool shed for small hand tools and supplies.
  • A utility sink is available at the gallery for cleaning brushes, palates etc.
  • The Comox Valley Art Gallery has multi-purpose spaces that may be available for the participant directed community engagement activities. These opportunities would be arranged with the CVAG curators.

CVAG is situated in the downtown core of the City of Courtenay in the Comox Valley on the east coast of Vancouver Island. Accessible by land, sea or air, the region is a culturally diverse community that offers supernatural beauty at its doorstep. Courtenay (approximate population 25,000) is the urban and cultural hub of the larger community, the Comox Valley (approximate population 65,000). Libraries, museums, shopping and recreation/fitness facilities are within walking distance and public transit. Easy access exists to the many beaches along the Salish sea, the rivers and streams, lakes, forests and wilderness parklands with extensive hiking trails in the region. The climate is temperate rainforest.

Duncan Avenue 580
Courtenay, BC V9N 2M7

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