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2 -6 months
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Arts Living Space Tokyo


Arts Living Space co・iki is a new interpretation of a residence program designed to build a bridge between numerous fields of art, culture and the wider sciences, connecting artists, experts and professionals, hoping to nurture collaboration as it places a spotlight upon the very act of “living”. Placing personal discovery, change and development of the individuals engaged in this initiative, co・iki aims to create a space where the elements of everyday life and the reality of living come together. Crossing disciplines and perspectives, co・iki works towards a new art form, a living community through the hands of people living in the same age.

Suitable for people from any creative backgrounds, interested to deepen their practice and research, extend their vision, engage in collaboration, evolve new ideas and develop something longer term in Tokyo with a sense of affinity to the concept of co-iki. Residents in this program are expected to be independent, actively pursuing their research upon their own resources. co・iki does try to help as much as possible, offering coordination support of approximately 1-2 days a week, and with the director in residence participants don’t have to call far if they need a hand with something.



Accommodation Information 

A two story house (Section 1F is for the studio resident, while 2F are living quarters of the owner.)
Access: 15 minutes walk from Sengawa Station on the Keio line. (18 minutes from Shinjuku to Sengawa on the Keio Rapid Train)
Facilities: 1F – tatami mat bedroom, combined event space/studio space/living space. Shared kitchen and bathroom.

Studio Information 

Studio space is in the shared living and resident's room.


Sengawa is a district populated by students, young people and families alike, with a lively gathering of people around the station and shopping street areas. In the area you can find a variety of specialist shops, restaurants, supermarkets and even a DIY store all within walking distance with all kinds of goods and materials easily at your fingertips.


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