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Between 2 months and 12 months
Paid by host 

DAC functions as a non-profit organization. This means that all income generated by the residency is used in maintaining an operational residency organization and used in covering the direct costs resulting from hosting and collaborating with residents.

DAC does not offer sponsorship in monetary, but does actively assist residents in finding sponsorships, bursaries, donations, and patrons.

Paid by artist 

The residency fee of 500 Euro per month for independent non-funded artists, and 950 Euro per month for funded artists includes access to a 30 square meter studio with incorporated and furnished living quarters, all DAC & CHONGQING AIR facilities, exhibition spaces, and workshops, Internet service, active guidance to the city of Chongqing, limited translations, and transport from airport or trainstation to the residency location.

Application guidelines 

Applications are submitted to DAC & CHONGQING AIR by Internet only, as Zip files or PDF file, and are accompanied by a full Portfolio, a Curriculum Vitae, a short biography, and a letter of motivation which may include a project proposal, and other relevant information. All materials should be written in English.

The Portfolio should include 10 to 20 medium resolution JPG images of recent works, not smaller then 3 MB each, as well as links to online resources, such as Vimeo or Youtube channels, and websites or blogs. Portfolio's can be uploaded as Zip files using WeTransfer or similar. 



Chongqing Dimensions Art Center (DAC)

Chongqing Dimensions Art Center (DAC)


Chongqing Dimensions Art Center (DAC) offers artists, critics, writers, and curators, the possibility of living and working in the artistic heart of the city of Chongqing, for periods ranging between two months and one year. Throughout the period of residency, the staff and the team of advisers guide residents in the research, development, and production of new works and projects, both on a conceptual level, as well as on a practical one.

Chongqing Dimensions Art Center (DAC) is managed by General Director Zeng Tu(CN) together with a full time staff of five people.

Concretely included in what Chongqing Air offers is a 30 square meter private studio with incorporated living quarters, housed in a 3000 square meter compound, which further includes one 300 square meter project space, two 150 square meter exhibition spaces, a coffee bar, a common area with shared kitchen and laundry utilities, as well as workshops for working in wood, plaster, and metal.

Through the kind participation of the pool of external advisers, the residency further offers high level expertise in the field of contemporary art and art education, as well as a vast international network of peers.

Out of the total of 24 artists studio's available, Chongqing Dimensions Art Center (DAC) reserves 4 studio's for emerging Chinese artists, 4 studio's for emerging international artists who graduated not later than 4 years prior to admittance to the residency program, and 16 studio's for international artists, curators, critics, or writers, without imposed limits to age or nationality.


Chongqing Dimensions Art Center (DAC) aims at establishing an international platform of cultural and artistic exchange. The host therefore offers all visiting artists the possibility of exhibiting their work, or of hosting different kinds of presentations, as lectures, studio visits, public talks, and so forth. Visiting artists are kindly invited to hold at least one public event during their residency period.

Technical Information 

DAC offers: private 30 square meter studio with incorporated living quarters, furnished with bed, sofa, table, chair. WiFi, heating and air conditioning are provided, as well as 24 hour access to the building and its facilities.

Shared with other residents: kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, productions facilities in wood, metal, and plaster, coffee bar, exhibition and presentation spaces.


Located in the central art district of the city of Chongqing.

Huangjueping Guan Jia Lin 190

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