French, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese
Between 2 and 4 weeks
Paid by artist 
  • Artist Residency in an Individual House: Two weeks (2pax)+ breakfast + studio access €1150
  • Artist Residency in a Shared House: Two weeks €240
Application guidelines 

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Rural Retreat

Cerdeira Home For Creativity

Cerdeira Home For Creativity


Cerdeira - Home for Creativity is a community of arts, based in Cerdeira, a secular and small schist village in the mountains of Serra da Lousã. Surrounded by nature and silence, this village was abandoned in the late '70s and it is now almost completely restored, considering ecological and sustainable aspects and its rural architectural heritage with all the comfort of modern houses.
Besides the houses, you can find a craft gallery, library, laundry, coffee, shared studios prepared for nearly all kinds of artwork with special wood and ceramic facilities. In 2015 the Japanese ceramist and kiln builder Masakazu Kusakabe was invited to lead the construction of his wood firing Sasukenei Smokeless Kiln for ceramics (800 L) and today, the kiln is part of the equipment for artists and a unique masterpiece in Portugal that recovers ancient techniques used in contemporary ceramics dramatically glazed experience through 36 hours at 1300 degrees: more than firing ceramics it’s an experience.
At Cerdeira Home For Creativity, your artistic project can start to take shape, and you can share ideas, knowledge and experiences with other artists in a place where time does not fly.


Although not mandatory, artists are encouraged to do a presentation, workshop or exhibition.

Accommodation Information 

You have two artist residency options: in an individual schist house or in a schist hostel-style shared accommodation.

Studio Information 

The Studio - "Ateliers" is located next to the shared accommodation. The open space studio has three working areas and is equipped with working tables, basic tools and power tools, equipment for ceramics (potter wheels, electric kiln, Sasukenei- smokeless wood firing kiln), basic wood carving tools, easels, etc.
The Ateliers have free Wi-fi. The space is shared with other artists who requested access and with the Arts & Craft School activities and courses.

Technical Information 

Residents are required to bring what they need for their creative practice including art materials and personal computers if necessary. If there are any kind of materials / machines / tools you need, just talk to them in advance to know if they have them available in the village or where and how you can find them.

Lugar da Cerdeira
3200-509 Lousã
+351 917 321 222

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