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minimum 15 days that can be extended in periods of 15 days (
Paid by host 

Due to the current socio-political situation, CeRCCa can not offer funded residencies. They are fully aware that most artists do not have sufficient economic means to cover all the costs of the Program they decided to offer the residencies at affordable prices.

In case there is a final exhibition CeRCCa also covers the rent of the local gallery, flyer / poster design and printing and vernissage.

Paid by artist 

The fee for 1 night accommodation in CeRCCa’s apartment in Barcelona is 20E and the maximum stay is 1 night a week. Alternative overnight accommodation can be also arranged.

The artist fee for 15 days residency is 250E and 500E for 1 month. The artist fee includes single room with double bed, shared 40 sq studio with 1 more artist or researcher, running costs as well as advice, resources and networking information and contacts.

Application guidelines 

The call is open to writers, video artists, photographers, visual and applied artists, curators and cultural and social researchers. CeRCCa will select three to four applications for each residency period.

For more information and applications contact them at [email protected].

The selection of applications will be done every 2 months by the coordinators of CeRCCa.


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How long
1 to 3 months



Center for Research and Creativity Casamarles


CeRCCa’s AIR Program responds to the aim of challenging conventional formats. By conventional formats CeRCCa understands the AIRs that offer a space isolated from its socio-cultural context that potentiate individual artistic production of aesthetic objects. CeRCCa believes that the experience of living and creating in a different context has to be facilitated through exchange and collaboration. This experience takes place both in the practices of art and research and also out side of these discourses; that is, in everyday life. With this objective CeRCCa proposes a residency format where dialogue and interaction become essential.

In 2015 CeRCCa is starting a New A.I.R format.

Since the beginning of CeRCCa´s Residency Program in 2009 their aim has been to facilitate and develop research and creative projects that reflect upon and interact with the local community. During these 5 years more than 70 artists and researchers have been selected to be part of CeRCCa. Through the residency and the collaboration with the local community they have developed projects in different disciplines ranging from video, photography and performance to street art, creative workshops and interventions in the public space. To celebrate all these projects and as a homage to the artists, researchers and all the people and organizations that have collaborated with CeRCCa the ‘5th CeRCCa Anniversary Publication’ will be launched in summer 2014.

After the evaluation of the first five years of CeRCCa and thanks to many conversations with other professionals and previous residents they are happy to announce the new venture of CeRCCa. This new venture will be developed through the restructuring of CeRCCa’s artists and researchers residencies.

The New Artists and Researchers Residency Project will be structured as follows:

• The main feature of the new strategy will be to promote exchange and reflection with no obligation of producing a concrete body of work or having a final exhibition. In a time where artists and researchers are under pressure to produce and justify the validity of their professions with tangible outcomes they strongly believe that to have time for dialogue and experimentation is much needed. They believe that the perfect framework to do so is to spent time and work together through the artist in residency methodology.

• They believe that the new residency format will be a time for you to work in your own development as well as building up your professional career through networking and knowledge sharing. CeRCCa will help on that process facilitating contacts and visits in accordance to your interests. In order to facilitate networking and knowledge sharing CeRCCa offers an apartment in Barcelona so to have time to meet, promote your work and learn from other professionals and organizations.

• The new residency format will be structured through stays of minimum 15 days that can be extended in periods of 15 days (1, 1.5, 2 … months) always starting and ending on the 1st or 15th of each month (those have to be the dates of arrival and departure).

• CeRCCa will facilitate accessibility to their program with a reduced artists fee.

In parallel and complementing CeRCCa New Artists and Researchers Residency, CeRCCa is engaged in different Curatorial and Research Projects. For the coming three years these projects are:

  • Storyweavers. Theory and Practice of Digital Story Telling in collaboration with organizations from Ljubljana, Copenhagen and Alexandria.
  • North Africa Cultural Mobility Map in collaboration with organizations from Amsterdam, Alexandria and Tetuan.
  • Practice Based PhD in Curating in collaboration with organizations from Ljubljana, Zagreb, Helsinki, Vienna, Venice and Izmir.

For residencies of 2 months or longer and if the artist or researcher is interested, CeRCCa will consider organizing an exhibition or public presentation at the end of the residency period. To ensure the best curatorial strategy and optimize the exhibition or public presentation a committee of experts will consider the candidate’s application and exhibition proposal. The same process goes for talks, workshops and other events. Priority will be given to site-specific projects of any discipline and format.

Accommodation Information 

Individual bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, two 40 2m shared studios, a library as well as a big living-room/kitchen area and a patio. Each artist has a room with double bed.

Studio Information 

2 shared 40 2m studios with lots of natural light and high ceilings and a library.

Technical Information 

CeRCCa offer living and working space but can not offer material and technical equipment.


CeRCCa is located in an old house built by the Marles Vinyes family in the 1850’s. The house is situated in the middle of Llorenc del Penedes, a 2,000 inhabitant village 50km south of Barcelona and 10Km from the sea side in a region famous for the production of wine, cava and olive oil called El Penedes.

C Mare de Déu dels Dolors
43712 Llorenç del Penedès Tarragona
(0034) 667264771

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