French, English, German
2 weeks to 2 months
Paid by artist 

CENTRE POMPADOUR functions as a post-capitalistic undertaking which means flexible fees for its residents. It is up to you to propose the amount you would like to pay for your creative residency. Travel costs, materials and meals must be paid by the artist.

Application guidelines 

To qualify for the creatives-in-residency program at CENTRE POMPADOUR, you have to be a creative professional; an undergraduate or graduate art student or do research in the fields of feminism or gender studies.Please submit a CV / resume that includes all relevant related background as well as a personal work project, detailing your reason for applying, any relevant academic or related experience, and your work and/or research interest at the laboratory of neofeminism. Include your desired period and length of stay, as well as a budget proposal (fees charged by week or by month / residencies of 2 weeks up to 2 months).

CENTRE POMPADOUR will open during June, July and August 2021 for a small selected group of international feminists. If interested, please submit your project until April 28th 2021.







CENTRE POMPADOUR, the laboratory of neo - feminism, welcomes like-minded creative professionals from all over the world to work on projects that place gender equality and feminist empowerment at the heart of the creative process and outreach. They are an artist-run residency program.

The creatives-in-residency program runs May through September. Artists who are currently pursuing arts of any skill or mastery (visual arts, applied arts, writing, poetry, music, research on feminism or gender politics,...) and identify with a neofeminist outlook on the world are invited to apply. There is a lot of privacy, surrounded by a nature. The four guest rooms each have their own private bathroom. Other facilities include a top-floor attic atelier of 50m2, a well assorted library of women’s history readings and art literature, a well-tuned piano, and spacious indoor and outdoor living areas.

⚠️ In 2021, the residency will only be open during June, July and August due to COVID-19.



Communication and exchange of feminist and neo-feminist ideas. Their idea of networking only just started with Simone de Beauvoir's second sex.

Accommodation Information 

4 double bedrooms with private bathroom.

Studio Information 
  • 1 top floor attic atelier of 50m2
  • 1 well assorted library on art and feminism
Technical Information 

Printer, wifi and piano.


CENTRE POMPADOUR, laboratory of neo-feminism, is located in the tiny village of Ercourt, which is situated in the Baie de Somme area, a nature reserve of the french Picardie. The château was built in 1849; its architect Hector-Martin Lefuel is best known for the completion of the Palais du Louvre, the theatre of the Fontainbleau Château, the Château Neudeck, in neobaroque stile, typical for the Second Empire.

9 rue du chateau
80210 Ercourt

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