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Center for Slovenian Literature

Center for Slovenian Literature


The Center for Slovenian Literature is a non-governmental organization dedicated to literary and publishing activities. It was founded to contribute to the international promotion of Slovenian literature. It organises residency projects with other writers' initiatives in Slovenia on a regular basis.


There will be two public presentations of authors work, one in Kočevje and another one in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. For these occasions some sample translations in Slovenian language of author’s work will be provided by organisers.


Kocevje town has grown within meanders of the Karst river Rinža. It lies on the southeastern part of Slovenia. It is little more than 30km away from the border to Croatia. It is the official, economic and cultural center of Kocevska region.

Metelkova 6
1000 Ljubljana
+386 1 505 1674
+386 1 505 1674

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