English, Spanish, Maya
4 weeks
Paid by host 

The organizers coordinate the booking of artists, extend travel, program information and advise prior to arrival. They receive and show the guests around the house, plan and supervise the menu, extend advise on creative work if needed, encourage communication within residents and local community members.

Paid by artist 

The cost of the 4 week program for one person to be paid by the artist is of $725usd, which includes:

  • 28 day access to 16m2 private living- working space, plus 2 travel days (30days) for one person.
  • Access to main house, wifi, common lounge areas and swimming pond
  • Includes petit breakfast an 1 meal 6 days of the week served on site at main house.
  • Travel cost and extra expenses same as materials and tools intended to use are to be supplied by the artist.

To add a partner or co-creator to the period for the same space for the 4 week program there is an extra cost of $245usd.

Application guidelines 

Send a motivation letter to Casa Xaaninná contact email, detailing the project or creative process to develop and finish while on the program, the technique and materials you intent to be using and also the desired dates, together with online links of previous work. The review process is 2 weeks after the submission, and it is done by the house hosts and its' residents at that moment. There is no application cost for the moment.

The selection criteria is based on the proposed project and whether it is possible to be shared with the community and the artist previous work.





Cultural Residency Program


The mission of Casa Xaán In Ná is the study, research and diffusion of Quintana Roo cultural heritage and its link with contemporary artistic expression and world life. The instalations at the town of Macario Gomez, Tulum, Quintana Roo, México, where a model for sustainable touristic housing was developed utilizing Mayan architecture, composting toilets and a grey water irrigation system, has been temporary residence for fellow artists and dicerning travelers since 2013, proving the fact of being able to function without any pollution to the famous underground rivers of the area.

From 2016 Casa Xaán In Ná has an open call for international creators interested in visiting the area and being influenced by local culture and a sustainable way of life within their creative processes by launching the Cultural Residencies Program. The program is about to connect the artist work with the Quintana Roo cultural heritage by providing accomodation and working space to focus on developing and finishing a creative process, this within a sustainable complex that exists in the jungle at the central Yucatan Península. The organizers are a couple (painter – gastronomist); through their independent effort this project is being developed. They live and take care of this house and its guests. The income of the residencies program helps to keep and operate this house. The artists are ex[pected to leave behind a digital copy of the work developed while on the program, for in house archive, further online display and networking without commercial use.

  • For the artist to finish whatever they had proposed to do.
  • If possible to share the result of the work with other residents and locals from the community.
  • To be influenced by mexican cultural heritage.
  • To experience and learn from a sustainable way of interacting with nature.
Accommodation Information 

3 resident spaces in typical Mayan architecture constructions, made by locals by local techniques and materials available. The accomodation and studio space is the same and is separeted from the main house, all the complex takes place in 3000sq.m plot of jungle.

Studio Information 

The space is a rather spatious (16m2) palapa or hut somehow isolated by natural gardens. It is the same space as for accomodation and working studio. The space is private within the period of the program. There is a main palapa where is the kitchen and common living area. There is a swimming pond and exterior lounge areas that you will be welcomed too.

Composting toilet, and bathroom facilities to be shared among other residents. There are gardens and some crops going on too around the huts.

Technical Information 

Limited electricity due to the fact that the house runs on solar power. Wifi and internet available. International cellphone signal available.


This rural house is located in the Mayan Area of central Quintana Roo, México, at the outskirts of a small town named Macario Gomez, located on the road that connects the ancient city of Coba with the coast, 20km away from Tulum beach. You can expect some noise from the neighbooring farms, which is more evident in early morning. The town is well connected to several points of interest around the Yucatan Península, such as mayan ruins, beach towns, many cenotes and interesting towns. Public transport is available on the main road 3 blocks away from the house.

Calle 17 s/n, esq. carretera federal Tulum - Cobá km. 20
Centro Urbano Ejido de MACARIO GOMEZ
Tulum ROO 77796

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