English, Spanish
6-10 weeks
Paid by host 

Campos offers two kinds of financial assistance :

  • Regional Subsidies: Subsidies are available for Latin American, Asian, or African citizens who have maintained continuous residence in one of these three regions over the last three years.
  • Work Exchange: Any resident in financial need may request a work-exchange for a partial reduction of program costs.

Once the proposal is accepted, the applicant can request a form in order to calculate the possibility of cost reductions.

Paid by artist 

In order to cover program costs, residents are asked to pay a COP 2’700.000 (~ USD $900) program fee. An additional COP $ 300.000 (~ USD $100) per week covers the cost of room and board.

Application guidelines 

They do not accept applications at the moment - the residency is being restructured.


4 times per year
24 hour acces
to do
open studio
paid by host
living expences
origin of residents
basic tools and equipment
wood workshop
How long
1 to 3 months

Campos de Gutiérrez

Campos de Gutiérrez


As of 2017 the residency program is being restructured!

Campos de Gutiérrez is an international residency program for contemporary artists, designers, curators, and art historians housed in a 19th century coffee plantation in the foothills of Medellin, Colombia. Campos emerged from the desire to promote historical preservation, while being unafraid to repurpose historical structures for the present. It seeks to foster cross-cultural interactions both within its diverse groups of participants, and between those participants and the existing cultural communities of Medellin. Campos de Gutiérrez is constantly accepting applications. All proposals will be taken into consideration but only about eight will be selected each session. Applicants must take the following information into account


One curated group exhibition at the end of each session including physical space, graphic design, printed invitations, press release, and curatorial text.
The option of giving a talk at an established institution every three-month session including graphic design and press release.

Accommodation Information 

The foundation provides private furnished room with equipped kitchen (refrigerator, pots and pans, silverware, cups, plates and mugs, blender, and stove); part time cleaning and cooking services including laundry service; janitorial and maintenance services.

Studio Information 

Studio space with worktables and benches, shelves and storage area.

Technical Information 

Equipment such as a 1.5' x 2' electric kiln (approximately), a large Olson downdraft wood-fire kiln, a two-thermocouple pyrometer, an electric ceramic wheel, and a bending wheel; Campos de Gutierrez tools (basic carpentry tools, basic gardening tools, chain saw, electric drill, circular saw, amongst others); the library and Archive; WiFi Area.


The homestead is located within a natural reserve 25 minutes away from the city’s downtown area. The zone is highly mountainous with temperatures that change quite drastically according to the altitude, this allows a great diversity of fauna and flora to exist within a relatively compact area. Campos de Gutiérrez lies at 1,850 meters above sea level and has a temperatures that oscillates between 15.5° C (60° F) and 25.5° C (78° F). The city of Medellin is known as ‘the industrial capital of Colombia’ and provides the residency program an opportunity to grant its participants a unique insight into materials, factories, and processes unavailable elsewhere.

Kilometro 6 Via Santa Elena
Vereda Media Luna District
Medellín ANT
(+57) 4 221 4076

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