Spanish, Catalan, English
15 - 45 days
Paid by host 

Accommodation and work space.

Paid by artist 

Travel, transportation and meals.

Application guidelines 

The artists who wish to take part in this call send an email to [email protected] with the following documentation:

  • Contact details of the project manager
  • Number of participants (maximum 4)
  • Calendar for which residence is requested (from February 20 to the end of October)
  • Spaces that will be used (Accommodation / work room/ outside )
  • A letter of intent with an explicit text where the artist agrees, if chosen, to make the residence in the requested periods.
  • Letters of recommendations from other centers or work place.
  • A description of project (maximum 3 sheets with up to 3 pictures-JPG format-) a short cv (maximum 1 sheet) (projects must be sent by email)
  • The language of documentation can be Catalan, Spanish, English or French

CACIS - Forn de la calç

CACIS - Forn de la calç


As its acronym indicates CACIS Forn de la calç is a Centre of Contemporary Art and Sustainability in Calders and aims to be a meeting point for culture, history and sustainability. They are dedicated to the experimentation, research and dissemination of cultural and artistic practices that stimulate the reflection, critic and discussion on sustainability as a reform strategy.

The center hosts visual arts projects, performing arts, thinking, land- and site-specific art as well as research projects on sustainability and nature preservation. The residence has the basic conditions for research and study. Surrounded by nature, the facilities of the space are suitable for work and concentration.

The Centre can help artists to make the necessary contacts with local people and suppliers of materials and services related to their research and enhance liaison with the social environment with the preparation of workshops and seminars related to proposed projects. 

Accommodation Information 

The residency is integrated by two 2 bedroom apartments with bathroom with a common area of 30 square meters as living room and kitchen. They are equiped with washing machine and refrigerator.

Studio Information 

All the studios are designed by the principles os bioclimatic architecture taking into account comfortability, susteinability and power efficiency at the same level. They will be some materials and equipment for the artists to use in their projects.

Technical Information 

Located at the center are ancient lime kilns which have been restored due to their uniqueness, their good condition and their industrial and architectural value.

The premises include also an open space for exhibitions or performances and 2 hectares of outdoors space for music or theatrical performances.


The space is located at 5 km from the village of Calders and 2.5 km of village of Artes. The city of Manresa is about 25 minutes and enjoys privileged views of Montserrat and the Pyrenees.

"El Forn de la Calç"
08275 Calders Barcelona
+34 93 830 91 59

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