English, German
2 weeks to 3 months
Paid by artist 

The artist is expected to pay 150 euro a month/40 euro a week for rent,gas,electricity,water and wifi. They buy and cook the meals collectively which is estimated as 30-40 euro a week.

Application guidelines 

If you are interested in applying we ask at the moment to send an email to [email protected] with motivation letter (500 words), project proposal (500 words), CV and a short introductory text about you and your project that should include these few points:

  • ​Time- How long do you want to stay? When are you coming? Are your dates flexible?
  • People- Are you coming alone? How many people are involved in your project?
  • Studio- What kind of a working environment do you need - shared, private, indoors, outdoors etc.
  • Food- Do you keep a specific diet or have allergies? 
  • Sleep- Are you comfortable with sharing a room? Do you prefer to sleep alone? 
  • Funding- Are you applying for funding to come to the residency? Do you need support?





betOnest - Open residency


betOnest is a new art space dedicated to artist residencies located in a former cement factory on the edge of Germany. At betOnest they play seriously with concepts of alternative ways of living and creating, hoping to generate a sustainable platform for the merging process of the two. They are commited to flexibility and embrace the uncertain state of things to come. As they are working to realize their plans, they remind themselves that plans are fantasies and as such their magic is open to various influences and dreams.
​betOnest offers space and time for artists of all fields as these are the main resources they have and they are eager to share them -  45,000 sq meters area with a large residential building and 10 different industrial structures, bordering a beautiful canal on one side and the picturesque village of Stolpe/Oder on the other side.


They are looking for artists with pioneering hearts that are interested in developing their work in an experimental environment. They expect the residents to be a cohesive and vital part of our temporary community and to share their knowledge and passion.

Accommodation Information 

They have 6 single/shared rooms for up to 2 people, 2 small single rooms and 1 dormitory that can host up to 6 people.

Studio Information 

They have various kinds of spaces that can be used as studios, from small private rooms to large halls of 500 sq meters. As they are in the beginning of their journey, the studios are not specially equipped at the moment.


betOnest is located in a former cement factory in the village of Stolpe/Oder surrounded by the Lower Oder National Park. Stolpe is part of the Uckermak district in Bradenburg, Germany.

Am Kanal 2
16278 Stolpe

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