English (working language)
1 week to 3 months
Paid by artist 

Fees paid by artist includes accommodation in a separate apartment (accommodation,electricity, water, heating, wifi internet, towels, bed sheets and cleaning services) and support from the organization (logistics, introduction to local audience, workshops, visiting exhibitions, artists studios, visiting faculty of fine arts and meeting with professors, seminars, etc). Also, they can put you in contact with relevant professionals as art historians, curators, local artists, galleries in order to facilitate possible collaboration. The artist is responsible for his living expenses as well as their travel costs to Belgrade.

Application guidelines 

There is no specific application form. The application should contain a CV, a brief project proposal, period of your stay (with alternative dates), documentation of earlier works and preferably some info about yourself as an artist and your artistic practice. You can send your application at any time to [email protected]



Belgrade AIR

Belgrade AIR


Belgrade AIR is an artistic residence located in the heart of Belgrade. The concept of the project is to give an opportunity for international exchange in creative environment. To stimulate creativity through direct contact with local community, art public, local artists, cultural institutions, curators, art historians. To deepen mutual understanding and cultural exchange with other residing creators. The relationship between the resident and the host is often an important aspect of a residency program. Sometimes residents become quite involved in a community – giving presentations, workshops, or collaborating with local residents. At other times, they are quite secluded, with ample time to focus and investigate their own practice.


They have small artist run gallery and events space in center, and they can organize event to present your works and/or workshop, exhibition.

Accommodation Information 

Separate apartment (can be used as studio). Companion allowed (for an extra fee).

Studio Information 

Studio is in the center of the city. It consists of separate room equipped for work, and it also can be used for meetings and workshops, and art presentations. Sharing studio can provide collaborations with other artists and different artistic disciplines.


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Update my listing

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