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Associazione Ariella Vidach - A.i.E.P.

Associazione Ariella Vidach - A.i.E.P.


Associazione Culturale Ariella Vidach - AiEP: For more than 20 years the artistic directors, Ariella Vidach (choreographer and dancer) and Claudio Prati (video artist), have explored interactive technologies in relationship with the body and its movement, creating more and more refined and evocative artistic works.

In addition to performing productions, AiEP plays an important role at imparting knowledge on interactive technologies applied to performing art, organizing festivals and producing young artists.

Supported by:Ministero beni culturali  MiBAC-Roma, Comune di Milano, Regione Lombardia. Città di Lugano. Pro Helvetia. DECS Divisione Cultura Cantone Ticino /Swisslos

Residency Programs: Artists are encouraged to meet and share their ideas, studies and competences with one another and to find some matching points in their processes of creation. On this purpose they are invited to take part in special events conceived to give them further sources of inspiration: workshops on choreography, workshops on interactive technology and special days of self-coordinated work, alongside many extra appointments related to Associazione Aiep’s activity.

Their works are showcased during the annual edition of NAO PERFORMING FESTIVAL, which features shows, performances, installations and lectures on young artists’creations.

For more information on association activities and residency program please visit the websites.

Studio Information 

DIDSTUDIO (Digital Interactive Dance) was founded in 2005 in Milan in order to offer to young artists a place of research, education, experimentation and production with dance and new technologies.

Equipped with the interactive systems developed by AiEP, DiDstudio is a choreographic atelier for the company and a place of creative residence and study for young artists. Every year, performers, musicians and computer operators, willing to approach the complex and articulated field of interactive technology in live arts, can attend workshops and conferences about digital media, as well as dance classes and laboratories.

At the same time, DiDstudio hosts a yearly festival dedicated to the national and international most innovative projects in order to convey the artistic potentialities of  new interactive software.

The circulation of the knowledge acquired by AiEP in more 20 years is DiDstudio’s further purpose, achieved through the creation of an archive for both specialists and students. The first part of this database can be consulted in iPoint, an info point on new interactive media applied to art and communication that collects the documentation of the triennial Project Interreg INnet, as well as unknown documents and exclusive interviews (www.innetproject.net/ipoint).

DiDstudio, c/o La Fabbrica del Vapore, via Procaccini 4
20154 Milano
+39 02 3450996

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