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Decided in discussion with the artist
Paid by host 

Some artists will be funded and others will pay a supplement depending on merit and the funding availability.

Paid by artist 

The Membership fee is £25 per year (unless in case of financial hardship where places are free) this entitles an artist to promotion on the social media platforms, automatic inclusion in the 'Residency by Correspondence'. In regards to physical residencies, some residency places are fully funded by the organisation, others supplemented with a contribution expected from artists.

Application guidelines 

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Arts Territory Exchange

Arts Territory Exchange


Arts Arts Territory Exchange is an organisation working with alternative 'residency'models in order to benefit artists living in remote and rural locations or those who are unable to travel due to financial restrictions, parenthood or disability. They run a number of alternative residency models including a 'Residency by Correspondence' where artists in remote locations are paired up to collaborate digitally or by post, a 'Virtual Residency' for those that may not be able to travel due to disability or finances (or who may object to long hall travel for environmental reasons) and a 'Residency in Sustainable practice' which is run in different European locations.

They champion and promote the work of artists who live rural locations and connect artists all over the world who live in remote regions in a large network and collate an archive of their work.


To share documentation of the work they produce for the organisations' archive. Often there will be an exhibition or event.

Accommodation Information 

Always a good standard room with basic accomodation. They are working towards being able to host families as they develop.

Studio Information 

There will always be a work space provided with the 'Residency in Sustainable Practice'. Materials and supplies decided in consultation with artists.


The 'Residency by Correspondence' and 'aTE Virtual' take place in the artists own homes. The 'Residency in Sustainable Practice' takes place in different locations each year. They are working towards permanent residency spaces in the UK and France.

Carter street 85
United Kingdom

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