English, German, Hungarian
1 to 3 months
Paid by host 

aqb accepts scholarship holders in co-operation with sponsors, international foundations and cultural institutions. There is a limited number of scholarships that cover all the costs of the residency.

Paid by artist 

Monthly participation fee, travel, art supplies, food and personal costs.

Application guidelines 

aqb's international artist-in-residence program does not have any restriction concerning citizenship, race, gender, or age. Basic knowledge of English, open-mindedness and good communication skills are welcome.

Applicants should send the following material in as a pdf to: [email protected]

  • Artist or group’s professional CV.
  • Portfolio of related works.
  • Project description which clearly elaborates on the residency goals and the work to be created while at aqb.
  • Completion of the application form.

For large files and/or videos please provide links to the relevant websites.



art quarter budapest

art quarter budapest


art quarter budapest (aqb) is an interdisciplinary contemporary arts and cultural center located in the historical industrial buildings of the former Haggenmacher Brewery in Budapest’s 22nd district. aqb offers an international artist-in-residence program, studios for local artists, exhibitions, performances and other cultural activities, all which seek to combine the creative with the intellectual to provide a forum of engagement with relevant social issues and foster constructive change on both a local and global level. Art quarter budapest’s (aqb) artist-in-residence program hosts international artists from a variety of disciplines to develop their unique project within an interdisciplinary environment. These disciplines include visual arts, performing arts, film, music, literature, illustration and design, art theory and art management. Incoming residents have the option to spend 1 to 6 months at aqb, depending on the timeline of their proposed project. The program fee includes a spacious, fully furnished room located on aqb's premises, as well as a brightly lit studio space catering to the project’s requirements. In addition aqb's artist-in-residency program offers various opportunities to integrate residents into the thriving Budapest art scene and assists in establishing professional connections that supports their work and career development. Opportunities for collaboration and partnership among various disciplines, backgrounds and interests are highly encouraged.


The organizers offer varied services to integrate the residents into the local art scene and assist in establishing professional connections that best support their work and career. aqb personnel provides assistance through the program, catering to practical needs related to life in Budapest, obtaining necessary materials, equipment and more. The residency program offers broad possibilities for artists, including cooperation among various disciplines, backgrounds and interests to serve as sources of inspiration.

Additional opportunities (by request and dependent on available programming and personal project requirements):

  • Tours of Budapest and places of interest in the surrounding area.
  • Meetings and lectures with Hungarian curators and art critics.
  • Mediation in organising exhibitions and presentations at aqb and other galleries and institutions in Budapest.
Accommodation Information 

The residence program offers all entering participants a fully furnished room within a communal apartment located on the aqb premises, as well as a studio space catering to the project’s requirements.

Studio Information 

Studios are assigned based on the project requirements. All studios are heated, have natural light, ventilation, wi-fi Internet and are accessible 24/7.


aqb is located about 10 kms from Budapest's city centre, near the Danube River. The public transport system is comfortable and efficient, with several bus lines (including night bus service) and a train line running close to aqb.

Nagytétényi út 48-50.
+36 30 435-6679

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