English, French, Arabic, Portugese, Spanish, German
8 weeks
Paid by host 

Accomodation, stipend and transport.

Paid by artist 

Art equipment, materials and an application fee.

Application guidelines 
  • Application guidelines & form for The Artnoise Artist in Residence ($35 for Application fee for Individuals and $15 per additional member for collectives) 
  • Application guidelines & form for The altreviolett Music Residency ($51.50 for Application fee for Individuals and $35 per additional member for collectives)

Art Noise NG

Art Noise NG

Art Noise Travel Residency Program


The platform celebrates Africa's multiculturalism and diversity from pre-, post-colonial and contemporary eras, with the mission to empower independent visual creators who are interested in African art and culture, and are also interested in creating a future career as African visionaries. The aims and objectives of the residency is to develop and influence world view of creatives by introducing them to cultures different from their own and give them a new cultural experience. The artists will move around communities during this period to learn about them. 
The idea is for the artists to create art during the period that is similar to the art of the country they will visit, with their own personal interpretation of the art, as well as the social condition of the people. The call is open to visual artists, designers and cultural students (art history). Artists can expect a complete cultural immersion with the people in the community. Artists will be expected to interact with different sorts of people in their country of residence and produce art that will tell other people about their experience and the experience of the community they reside. 


Artists are expected to produce at least one work of art that can be shown at the final exhibition. Artists are also be expected to be part of the community outreach programmes during the course of the residency.

Accommodation Information 

Shared apartment with 5 bedrooms and 1 studio space.

Technical Information 

 The organizers will provide the facilities and studios, but artists are expected to provide art materials and equipment.

Lekki Phase 1
Wole Olateju Crescent
Lagos 102105

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Update my listing

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