English / Japanese
2008 (the art center), 2013 (the AIR program)
2 months
Paid by host 
  • Exhibition at art center (free)
  • Accommodation for 2-month stay
  • A resident staff is availible to assist you
Paid by artist 
  • Accommodation (150,000 Yen for 2 months - free for aid award winners)
  • Transportation
  • Living
  • Production

Also, overseas artists are asked to get insurance before departure. Insurance for injury, illness or accidents like burglary and robbery in Japan is an indispensable condition to participate in the program. 


Art Center Ongoing

Art Center Ongoing

Ongoing AIR


Ongoing AIR is a residency program launched in April, 2013. Artists and curators are all welcome to join the 2-month residency program that includes offers an exhibition opportunity. The center has a large artists network and is a well known art spots where young artists get together. The organization established its own award offering the winner a free 2-months stay. Please see what is Ongoing AIR AWARD and find out about its benefits.

Accommodation Information 
  • Accommodation is only 5 minutes from the center. 
  • Artist's room: bed, desk, book shelf, internet. 
  • Shared area: kitchen, washing machine, bathroom, toilet, TV, DVD player.
Studio Information 

There is no studio for artists' production, but you can use the accommodation as a studio if the work is not too big.


Art Center Ongoing and the residency accommodation are both located in Kichijoji, one of the most popular cities in Tokyo. Because of its deep culture and rich nature, many artists, writers and various genres of creators are attracted to this area. Easy access to heart of Tokyo is another good point of Kichijoji. It only takes 20 minutes to Shibuya and Shinjuku by train.

1-8-7 Kichijoji Higashi-cho,
+81 422-26-8454

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