Russian, English, German
from 10 days up to 6 months
Paid by host 

The host covers introduction to Arkhangelsk, (limited) translation services, contacts and support for artistic research, contacts to volunteers (translation). They have several spaces to show exhibitions, to conduct workshops or to do presentations. Engagement of the guest for the (art) community will result in discounts!
They provide visa invitations for cultural visa that are completely free of charge. With such a visa you can stay up to three months in Russia.

Paid by artist 

Unfortunately, they do not have financing for their space. Therefor the host proposes 230€ per week/750€ per month/1800€ for 3 months for the residency, including airport pickup and 3 to 10 days of free individual introduction (tours, excursions). They offer discounts if you conduct workshops, presentations, lectures or prepare an exhibition in Arkhangelsk!

Application guidelines 

They are part of the High North AiR Network. Applicants from these partner residencies have priority. More information about their partners click here.
Otherwise they appreciate any kind of engagement – artistic contribution, interaction with the community and so on.



Arkhangelsk AiR

Arkhangelsk AiR


The main purpose of their activities is woven around the newly renovated studio for Russian and international guest-artists, curators, art critics, photographers, architects and scientists who work in the field of contemporary arts. The Arkhangelsk International Cultural Center is founded and ran by the cultural center «Культурный центр» (a subsidiary of the Arkhangelsk branch of the Russian Artist's Union) together with Cornelius Stiefenhofer. Cornelius Stiefenhofer is a freelancer from Germany organizing cultural events in and around Arkhangelsk. The organization has a network in the city as well as in the region of Arkhangelsk, combined with a broad base of international partners. They cooperate closely with a variety of institutions and individuals. They offer experience and excellent contacts for artistic research projects in Russia's high north, with the possibility to conduct exhibitions or other artistic events. They've had a lot of guest-artists the past years and can hook you up with cultural professionals or artists of any kind to support your research or to realize your project.


Main goal of Arkhangelsk AiR is to promote contemporary arts and cultivate local artists, art-critics, curators and the general audience in Arkhangelsk and Arkhangelsk Region. Therefore they prefer artists who are willing to conduct any kind of educational artistic program, from a lecture or a presentation of their work to an exhibition in one of their partner-premises.

Accommodation Information 

The two-leveled studio has about 46 sq meters, it has high windows (3m high) over the whole wall. The studio is located very convenient with lots of amenities nearby. It is close to the river and the Hotel Artelekom.

Studio Information 

Working studio and living space are combined but separate workshops for heavy work can be arranged. They have property outside if you prefer to work under the open skies of the Arctic.

Technical Information 

It has a shower cabin, toilet, kitchen, security guard, wireless internet, washing machine, a space-saving bed and a sofa, offering maximum three people a comfortable stay. The host also offers a projector and a professional audio system for events.


Arkhangelsk is the capital of Arkhangelsk region. Arkhangelsk region has the size of France and its capital gathers together with two cities close by over 600.000 people. In any direction, there is only forests for several hundred kilometers. That's why it has always been a place for religious minorities, secret military operations and exile.
The region is famous in Russia for its unique wooden architecture that even covers constructivism and bauhaus (one project was led by Walter Gropius).
Historically, Arkhangelsk has been one of the most important cities of the Russian Empire, it was the first access to the sea. It was here where the Russian Navy was founded and it was here where first foreign trade agreements were settled. For many centuries, it was the city with the highest proportion of foreigner in Russia.

Prospekt Sovetskikh Kosmonavtov 178
Russian Federation

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