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3 Weeks
Paid by host 
  • The artists will be provided with free accommodation from 4th to 28th September.
  • The artists will be given daily support by the organizing team.
  • Everyday access for creative activities at the Architect’s Houseis provided from 10.30 to 20.00.
  • Providing materials necessary for the creative process, up to 250 BGN (125€) per artist, discussed with and purchased by the organizers.
  • Еquipment provided by the hosts: multimedia projector, sound system, outdoor lighting, easel canvas.
  • Each participant will have the opportunity to use the house’s shared yard and basement, spaces used for accompanying initiatives and events of the organization during the residency program.
  • The artists will be provided with hot drinks (tea/coffee) during their daily work.
  • Exhibition spaces for the artwork produced during the residence period. The opening will be on September 27th during the Nights of Arts (an annual traditional cultural event in the city, which includes exhibitions in galleries, museums and independent art spaces).
Paid by artist 
  • Travel costs
  • Food and other personal expenses
  • Tools and materials above 250 BGN (125€)
Application guidelines 

The artist should fill in the application form and send it to: [email protected].


The Architect's House

The Architect's House

Art Pulse


The Architect's House is an organization that presents dynamic forms of contemporary art in alternative spaces. The mission of the organization is to provoke and support emerging artists and youth, talented and awaken for the world’s beauty, willing to get to know themselves better, to dream and interpret the perception of life using art, psychology and cultural approaches. The ART Pulse Program is a non-profit international art program designed to bring talented artists from around the world to experience a unique cultural environment. Selected artists are invited to work in “The Architect House”, one of the few remaining architectural monuments of Stara Zagora (declared a cultural monument of local importance in 1977).

Visual Artists of any discipline, style, and nation can apply . The selection process aims to integrate artists in a spirit of openness and curiosity about creativity in its diverse forms and contexts. Among the applicants, 2 artists will be chosen to develop their project.


Produce some artworks that will be exhibited (the opening of the exhibition will match with the main artistic day of the city "The Nights of Arts").

Accommodation Information 

One individual room per artist.

Studio Information 

The artists can choose the space of the organization which fits better for their working needs. There are several rooms with different sizes in the 3 floors of their building.

Technical Information 
  • First floor: Elliptical room (5/5 m.) and transitional exhibition space (7/4 m.)
  • Second floor: Transitional spaces with a portal door (10/5 m.). Room with access to external elliptical terrace, room (5/5 m.), terrace (10/7 m.)
  • Underground: Big showroom
  • Outside: Yard and scenario

They provide also a small budget for the creative process and are available some basic tools and materials (brushes, boards, easel, etc) a multimedia projector and sound system.

Sava Silov 37
6000 Stara Zagora

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