English, French, German, Dutch
Maximum 1 month
Paid by host 

Arc offers travel, accommodation and per diems for food.

Application guidelines 

In case you are interested in a residency, please fill in the pdf-form of the format you want to apply for and send it to:



Arc artist residency

Arc artist residency


Arc is an artist residency situated in the village Romainmôtier, in the mountain range Jura, in Switzerland. It is housed in the former pilgrim hostel of Romainmôtier Abbey.

The residency offers artists and experts a space where they can shape a common identity made of all the multiple voices. From the encounters between individuals working on the edge of their specific disciplines, skills and interests, arise moments of interaction and fermentation. Fresh and still frail ideas can be discussed and put to the test for the first time. Arc welcomes innovative approaches that encourage the development of artistic research processes, leading to transversal collaborations. These processes and their implementation offer a thought-provoking programme that places itself at the intersection between the arts and society.


Arc is a place of artistic investigation where artists can exchange their knowledge and experiences. It is an inclusive laboratory, incubator and test bed for new formats, ideas and projects. In keeping with its original purpose – a hostel for pilgrims – the house provides artists a shielded space in which they are free to develop ideas. At Arc, mistakes and failure are allowed and embraced.

Accommodation Information 

Arc has two en-suite double bedrooms (one on the ground floor, the other on the first floor) and a large six-bed dorm on the second floor.
On the ground floor there is an open office space, a lounge and a library. The kitchen on the ground floor is fully equipped and there is a utility room with a washing machine and dryer. The house has central heating and wifi on all floors. There is also a nice garden at the rear of the property.

If there is space left in the house, partners/children can join. Extra costs and child care are the responsibility of the artists.

Studio Information 

The house has two workspaces (with wooden floors) on the first floor. Workspace 1 is 9.65 m x 6.60 m and has a grand piano. Workspace 2 is 8.5 m x 6.60 m.

They have all the basic technical equipment required: beamer, sound mix table, loudspeakers etc.

Technical Information 

Arc offers different types of residencies:
- Custom-made:
These longer residencies of maximum one month can be for research and reflection, without the pressure of production, or to prepare or develop a project.
A custom made "package" is put together for each artist or group of artists. There can be an individual accompaniment by the Arc director and other external specialists, if required for the artistic work process. The Arc director can also offer her support and advice on administrative and financial matters and help in finding co-production partners.
- Walk & Talk:
A special characteristic of Arc is the wonderful landscape that surrounds it. As walking can be conducive to the discursive process, we want to regularly invite two persons (artists or other practitioners) for shorter residencies, to make long walks in the beautiful green surroundings together. The idea is to give people time to enter into a longer dialogue in another rhythm and collaborative mode.                                        

Two or three times a year a call for participation will invite artists and practitioners from other fields to react to a theme or a question that is related to the political or societal actuality.
A one-week workshop will be developed where 8 to 10 people can discuss and work together.
These thematic residencies will be developed and facilitated with other partners. A jury of experts will choose the participants and has the opportunity to invite additional specialists.


Arc artist residency is housed in the former pilgrim hostel of Romainmôtier Abbey. The monastery, founded by Romanus of Condat, after whom it was named, is a Cluniac site. Romainmôtier is a village with 500 inhabitants in the Swiss region Jura.

Cour du Cloître 22 / CP 2
1323 Romainmôtier

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