Spanish (English depending on which members are present)
From 1 week to 3 months
Paid by host 

Aloardi is an association, but also an art collective runned by volunteers since 1998, in the context of the general Peruvian population and daily life realities. The residency runs since 2004 on informal level, however Aloardi decided to formalize the residency and ask for reasonable financial contributions from the residents to make the residency possible. Aloardi is not supported by any funding, governmental body or sponsor.


Paid by artist 

The artist/resident can apply for funding in their country of residence or finance the residency by own means. The resident sponsors Aloardi with a weekly fee that covers housing costs, studio use, general assistance and wifi. An hour rate can be taken in account for extensive guidance, organizing workshops and presentations, production involvement and mentoring.

Application guidelines 

Artists should submit:

  • artist portfolio or introduction in artist work and interests, if possible with links
  • residency project proposal (idea and motivation of what the artist expects to do during the stay at Aloardi)
  • residency project plan with details about intended travels or visits and extra needs, if applicable (mentoring, extensive guidance, location fixing, translation, production support, organisation of work presentation, etc.)
  • intended dates to stay
  • financement possibilities (country of artist, funding/own means)
  • contact details





Residencias Aloardi


The residency is currently closed for applicants until further notice!

Founded in Peru in 1998, Aloardi started as one of the first labels and independent platforms in South and Central America diffusing and producing experimental music, media art, sound related interventions and alternative acoustic research. They support and generate collaborations between people with self-managed associations and institutions on local, national and international level. Aloardi organizes events and transdisciplinary exhibitions, initiate actions and share knowledge; the association is engaged in approaches towards (non)technological resources, sustainable work and exchange with local communities. Based in Lima, their space serves since 2004 as venue for meetings, workshops, research laboratories, a residency program, audiovisual productions, internet radio broadcasts and a mediatheque.

Here you can find more info about past residents and events.


The resident can use the Aloardi space for an event, workshop or exhibition. Possibilities for and organisation of external presentations can be discussed together with the Aloardi team. The Aloardi website is a way to share with an international network. The resident is asked to post news and a work-in-progress on the Aloardi blog. Assistance is provided if the resident doesn’t know about blogs. If applicable, the resident contributes to the Aloardi mediatheque, donating a publication or multiple.

Accommodation Information 

The resident is offered a furnished bedroom (modest). The common spaces (kitchen, bathroom, toilet, patio) are shared with Aloardi member Gabriel Castillo. Aloardi asks the resident to take responsibility for household maintenance and cleaning together with the other Aloardi resident.

Studio Information 

Studio with desk, table, couch, wifi and two active loudspeakers.

Technical Information 

The artist-in-residence has accessibility to the media library, and physical documentation with unique material as part of Aloardi’s activities since 1998, including video, audio, posters, more than 60 Aloardi publications (CD, CDr, cassette, vinyl), as well as a collection of media- and sound art, experimental music and noise –some of them unreleased, from Aloardi partner’s worldwide and with a focus on Latin-America.


The Aloardi residency is based in the Aloardi space, on the ground floor of a residential house near the historic center and downtown of Lima and in the popular district of Rimac. The resident will stay in a lively and very noisy neighbourhood, with restaurants, shops and a nearby market with organic, local and cheap products.

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