2 - 4 weeks
Paid by host 

As part of the programs and services, the residency offers scholarships to cover program fees. The scholarships are available for artists based in less economically developed countries as well as those artists chosen by art patrons through the GIVE for ART program.

Paid by artist 

The residency fees are based on the costs of all the components involved in running the program, from accommodation and meals, to creative space and tailored programming – all already subsidized by their institutional and individual program partners to help with keeping the cost of the residency down.

For the three-week residency period for artists:

  • 2650 euro (based on shared accommodation between 2 – 4 participants)
  • 2950 euro (based on private accommodation)

One-week residency for cultural professionals:

  • 1200 euro (based on shared accommodation between 2 – 4 participants)
  • 1350 euro (based on private accommodation)

Expenses such as airfare, additional meals and transportation, as well as any art materials and other expenses are not included in the residency fee.

Application guidelines 

Online application


L’AiR Arts

L’AiR Arts


L’AiR Arts is a not-for-profit organisation (une association à but non lucratif soumise à la loi 1901). Their mission is to support intercultural and artistic exchange through providing international artist residency opportunities. Their programs bring together artists, researchers, arts professionals and arts supporters of different nationalities and backgrounds with the aim to foster creativity and artistic practice, while promoting inclusion, diversity and international understanding through arts and cultural heritage. The residency not only provides the opportunity to explore Paris and have space in which to comfortably stay and work, it also offers an insider’s view into the important role that international artists have played in Paris from the late 19th century to the present day.
The immersive artist residency sessions usually last two to four weeks and offer a stimulating experience of intercultural exchange, networking, professional development, research and exploration. While focusing on visual arts, some sessions offer an in-depth exploration of particular art practice, such as drawing or photography, whereas other sessions concentrate on the rich art history of the City or study its contemporary art scenes. They are offering artist-in-residence opportunities on an ongoing basis, with the following sessions coming up:

  • Multidisciplinary Arts Residency: January/February 2020
  • Drawing Research Residency: March/April 2020
  • Photography Research Residency: June 2020
  • Self-Directed Artist Residency: August 2020

To encourage networking and professional development, the residency also gives participants the opportunity to meet local contemporary artists, art historians, curators and gallerists working in Paris today. In addition to facilitated cultural programme, the organizers make sure that there is a good balance between organized events and independent exploration of Paris. Like many artists visiting Paris from around the world, you are invited to find inspiration in the city's cafes, alleyways, and bars. There will be time for artists to self-organize into small groups and explore Paris together. To enhance the group residency experience and cultural exchange, they encourage resident artists to share their knowledge and expertise with other group participants. When not busy exploring Paris, resident artists can use designated work space and are invited to share their skills and ideas with fellow residents, present a talk on their work, and participate in an Open Studio event or an Exhibition.
For those artists or other creative professionals who wish to carry out an independent research project, focus on studio work, or come for an exhibition or another engagement opportunity in Paris, in addition to the facilitated group sessions, they also offer ​self-directed residency option that is tailored to specific needs of artists visiting Paris.​


Artists are invited to share their skills and ideas with fellow residents, present a talk on their work, and participate in an open studio event or an exhibition.

Accommodation Information 

Accommodation is provided at an international exchange centre with a welcoming atmosphere and a recently renovated rooms and spaces designed for your comfort. They offer options of private, or shared rooms for up to 4 resident artists. All rooms have an en-suite bathroom with shower, toilet and sink. Rooms are cleaned every day, sheets and towels are provided. There is a number of rooms equipped for people with reduced mobility.​
In addition to accommodation, the Centre offers two restaurants and a bar area, where resident artists will enjoy their flexible meal plan, including buffet breakfast and either lunch or dinner of traditional french cuisine. Artists also have access to plenty of common areas, an outdoor terrace and garden, laundry facilities and meeting rooms where they can work, meet and relax in peace. Resident artists are invited to attend a variety of cultural and educational activities at FIAP, such as exhibitions and concerts, all designed to promote intercultural encounters.

Studio Information 

Specially for the resident artists, there is a shared work space, which artists can use when they are not busy exploring Paris and host an Open Studio event or an Exhibition. The space is equipped with natural light through north facing windows, cross ventilation, electrical outlets, tables, chairs, and easels. The space can comfortably accommodate up to 8 resident artists, and can be arranged based on the artists preferences and needs. Artists have access to the shared studio space every day of the week. 
Although this residency is not designed for a large scale art production, but rather focused on intercultural exchange, research and exploration, resident artists are invited to participate in an open studio event, present artist talk, or offer a workshop. The open studio event is usually facilitated by a residency curator and attended by the general public, and other local arts professionals.

30 rue Cabanis
75014 Paris

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