Our mission

Our mission

DutchCulture | TransArtists combines and shares expertise on international artist-in-residence programmes and related issues for artists, cultural organisations and policymakers. It offers tools and services to artists, stimulating and encouraging them to make an efficient, innovative, independent “use” of what residencies offer them.

Why ?

Residency programmes have become intrinsic to many artists' careers. There is a wide variety of reasons for artists to engage in residencies as well as a widening variety of artists who go on them. Many artists coming straight out of college and higher education see residencies as a first step into becoming an artist, other, more established artists take ‘time out’ to go on a residency or see the residency as a mid-career break or step.

DutchCulture | TransArtists develops its activities from the deep understanding and awareness of the importance that the phenomenon has for artists and through them, for the Arts and the art world.

How ?

The tools and services DutchCulture | TransArtists provides include:

> Information and expertise via www.transartists.org with:

  • An extensive database to search for over 1400 residency programmes worldwide
  • Upcoming deadlines for residency programs
  • Residency Experiences from artists
  • Publications and other resources on residencies and their programs
  • Place your own adds and offerings

> The TransArtists (inter)national workshop programme, helping and training artists to find and access residency programmes.

> The organisation and participation in Expert meetings on the AiR phenomenon.

> Researches in and about the AiR phenomenon.

> Development and/or partnership with international thematic collaboration projects on residences.

> AiR Platform NL including:

  • an overview of residency programmes in the Netherlands and Flanders
  • Calls and news from the AiR Platform's members
  • Expert meetings with and for the AiR Platform participants
  • Mutual AiR Impulse projects, international exchange projects of the AiR Platform NL with international partners.
  • The new Werkplaatsen Platform for technical workspaces/residencies for artists and designers.