Related organisations

Related organisations

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Asia Europe Foundation

The Asia-Europe Foundation was launched in February 1997 for the purpose of promoting better understanding between the peoples of Asia and Europe.

Arthub Asia
Supporting contemporary art creation in China and rest of Asia, Arthub serves as a creative think tank, a collaborative production lab as well as a research platform for new art and ideas, cutting-edge projects and dialogue within the visual arts and new media.

Arts Network Asia
Arts Network Asia (ANA), set up by an independent group of artists, cultural workers and arts activists from Asia, is an enabling grant body working across borders in multiple disciplines that encourages and supports regional artistic collaboration as well as develops managerial and administrative skills within Asia.

Culture is an initiative of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) and facilitated and hosted by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF). is a platform to inform, collaborate, interact and exchange ideas with the arts and cultural communities across Asia and Europe.


A-N Artists Network / UK
a-n's website contains a range of practical information on artist`s opportunities in the UK and beyond including artists' residencies through the Jobs and opps section and within Knowledge Bank and through blogs on Artists talking. Through AIR - the associated artists` membership scheme, artists can connect into Artelier and DACS.

AC/E / Spain
Acción Cultural Española, AC/E (Spain's Public Agency for Cultural Action), is a public institution whose purpose is to further and promote Spain’s culture and heritage within and beyond the borders through a wide-ranging programme of activities including exhibitions, conferences, cycles of lectures, cinema, theatre, music, audio-visual productions and initiatives designed to encourage the mobility of professionals and creators.

BAM / Belgium
BAM is the Flemish institute for visual, audiovisual and media art. BAM is an independent and intermediary structure, which is positioned between the field and the policy. From a base of in-depth knowledge of both the field and the policy, it provides information, furthers development, collaboration and networking - both within the field and crossing boundaries into other disciplines and fields - and it is in dialogue with the various governments.

inIVA / UK

Commissioning new work across a range of media, inIVA is a London-based arts agency that thrives on the city's cosmopolitan mix, whilst also collaborating with partner venues throughout the UK and worldwide.

Meet the Artists
Every year the Goethe-Institut Prag invites several artists to the Czech Republic as Artists in Residence. Meet the Artists presents the Artist Residencies and introduces artists and their work. On the website you can find the updated schedule of current events and the artists' blog. So come and Meet the Artists.

NKF / Nordic Art Association
NKF is an organization between visual artists in the nordic countries aming to create networks. NKF was founded in 1945 and consists of 9 sections, representing Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and the autonomies Faroe Islands, Greennland, Åland and the Samic people.

Nordic Culture Point
Nordic Culture Point provides information and consultancy to professionals within the field of culture and serves as a secretariat for the framework programmes of the Nordic Ministries of Culture.

On the Move/ Belgium
On the Move (OTM) aims to encourage and facilitate cross-border mobility and cooperation. It provides international cultural mobility information, engages in research, capacity building and advocacy mediating between artists and cultural operators, the sector organisations and policy makers.

Policies for Culture / Netherlands
Policies for Culture is a regional framework programme of the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam) and the ECUMEST Association (Bucharest), active since the year 2000, which aims to encourage a participative principle in the design, implementation and evaluation of new effective cultural policies throughout South East Europe.


Art Factories
Artfactories is an international platform of resources dedicated to art and cultural centres, which are born from citizen artistic initiatives and based on involvement with communities.

Culture Vulture with residencies

Culture vulture with residencies is a blog about Artist Residencies throughout the world. It is supposed to give a personal insight view on Artist Residencies, the people running them and what makes the locations and aims so special for me.

The International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA), the first global network of national arts funding bodies. Their mission is to create an international resource and meeting ground for all those whose public responsibility it is to support excellence and diversity in artistic endeavour.

Res Artis
Res Artis is a worldwide member network by and for international residential art centers.

Residency Unlimited
Residency Unlimited explores innovative art residency formats and fosters customised residencies to support and advance the practices of local and international artists and curators. It operates across multiple platforms and communities, fosters collaborative partnerships and tap into multifaceted resources locally and internationally.

TransCultural Exchange
TransCultural Exchange's mission is to foster a greater understanding of world cultures through large scale global art projects, artists exchanges and, most notably, a biennale Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts.

Universes in Universe
Visual arts of Africa, Asia, Latin America within the context of international art processes. On their website you can find interesting databases of contemporary art organisations, artists, curators etc. from Asia, Africa and South America.

Unesco Aschberg Programme
The Unesco offers its own yearly artist-in-residence programme for artists to apply. More than 30 artist-in-reisdence prgorammes world wide join this programme.
UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists